The Ice Light 2 differs from square and rectangular LED panels in that it utilises a long strip of diffused LED lights housed inside a jacketed tube. This results in something that looks a bit like a lightsaber, and which can be used to great artistic effect when shooting in pitch-black conditions.

With a maximum output of 1740 lumens the Ice Light 2 is impressively powerful for a mobile light source. Output is controlled via individual Up/Down arrows on the handle with 18 individual steps to choose from. This gives a really good degree of control over how much light is being emitted, with the 73-degree beam angle making the Ice Light 2 surprisingly precise. Tripod threads at either end allow it be used effectively as a fixed source of lighting, however it also excels as a moveable light source that can be used to ‘paint’ light into otherwise pitch-black areas during long exposures.

The Ice Light 2 is daylight colour-balanced to output light with a colour temperature of 5500K, and with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 96, it can also be counted on to faithfully render all frequencies of the colour spectrum. The back of the device is covered in a matt black casing to block out light, with the row of LEDs on the other side producing a 73-degree beam angle. The built-in diffuser is a nice touch, as this softens the light for a more flattering look without harsh shadows. Power is provided by an improved Li-Ion battery that provides up to an hour of continuous use at the highest output, and is removable so that you can switch an empty cell for a fully charged one should you need to. While the Ice Light 2 doesn’t come cheap, it’s an extremely versatile bit of kit that comes highly recommended.

Price: £549