The Sirui 3T-35 is an ultra-compact multifunctional tripod that can be used in a variety of useful ways. While it’s primarily designed to function as a tabletop tripod, clever design also enables it to be used as a camera handle when shooting video, or as a robust selfie-stick able to support the weight of an advanced compact or even mirrorless camera. Sirui claims that the 3T-35 is built to support up to 4kg in weight, which seems entirely feasible to us. During testing, we used it with a Canon 5D Mark IV with a large Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom that weighed a combined total of around 2.4kg with no problem whatsoever.

With the three legs deployed in tabletop mode, the 3T-35 offers three possible configurations. With the fixed-length centre column attached it stands 23cm tall, however by removing the fixed-length pole and attaching the supplied extending column, the tripod offers a range of 26-34mm, albeit at the cost of a little stability. The final configuration involves removing the centre column and attaching the supplied ball-head directly to the base for low-level shooting at a height of just 12cm. That’s a lot of versatility for such a small device.

Build quality is very good, with the tripod’s predominantly aluminium alloy construction capped off by solid hinges and moving parts. The supplied ball-head with its supplied Arca-Swiss style quick-release clamp feels really well made, is easy to adjust, and even features a sprung safety catch to prevent your camera from accidentally falling off. We also like how the legs magnetically snap up against a collar on either of the centre columns to provide a neat little handle should you want to use the 3T-35 in selfie-stick mode, or to record video with at otherwise awkward angles.

Price: £73.99