Don?t forget to include all the details listed below.

Welcome to a new year and a new-look Amateur Photographer of the Year competition. That?s right ? we?ve made some important changes. In 2009, entering everyone?s favourite photo competition will now be easier for, well, everyone! By popular demand, you will now be able to send us your APOY entries electronically simply be emailing them to Here?s how it works:

Your image must be at least 6x9in, or 2,700 pixels along its longest dimension, to be printed in the magazine. The file name of your image must be your first and surnames, for example Elizabeth Windsor.jpg. The subject line of your email message must state the round name and your name once again ? eg Leading Lines: Elizabeth Windsor. Finally, in the body of your email, include the camera model, lens and exposure details, if known, such as Canon EOS 40D, 18-55mm, 1/45sec at f/4, as well as a sentence describing what the image is. If your email does not meet these requirements, we will unfortunately not be able to enter it into the competition.

We will, of course, still be accepting prints and slides but not CDs/DVDs. We hope that by increasing the number of ways in which you can send us your images, we can expand the competition and reach a whole new generation of photographers.

Our second big announcement is that Canon will be our new sponsor for the APOY 2009, with thousands of pounds worth of great prizes to give away. There will be £1,500 to £2,000 worth of Canon prizes to be won each month and the person crowned Amateur Photographer of the Year 2009 wins £5,000 worth of Canon gear.

-Entrants should submit only ONE image per round.

-Only entries sent to the correct email address will be entered into the competition.

-The image should be at least 2,700 pixels along its longest edge.

-It must be a JPEG file, preferably sRGB.

-The file name must be your first name and surname.

-The subject line of your email must state the round name and your name once again.

-Include your postal address and daytime telephone number in the body of your email.

-List your camera model, lens, exposure details and any other information in the body of your email.

Please mark “X” in brackets below where applicable, then copy and paste the following into the body of your email:

I earn no more than 10% of my total annual income from photography [ ]. This entry has not previously been published in a national UK photography magazine [ ]. Amateur Photographer, published by IPC Media Ltd (?IPC?), will collect your personal information to process your entry. If you would like to receive emails from Amateur Photographer and IPC containing news, special offers and product and service information and take part in our magazine research via email [ ]. Amateur Photographer and IPC would like to contact you by post or telephone to promote and ask your opinion on our magazines and services. I would prefer not to be contacted [ ]. IPC may occasionally pass your details to carefully selected organisations so they can contact you by telephone or post with regards to promoting and researching their products and services. I would prefer not to be contacted [ ] If my entry is not successful, I would like Damien Demolder to critique my image in the Appraisal column [ ]

Note the following and send your email to

RULES Entrants may submit only one photograph per round as a jpeg, preferably sRGB, at least 2,700 pixels along its longest dimension, in colour or black & white. If submitting a digital file via email, the file name of your image must be your first and surnames, the subject line of your email message must state the round name and your name once again and the body copy of your email must include your name, postal address, daytime telephone number, the camera model, lens and exposure details. Photos must not previously have been published in a national uk photography magazine. This competition is open to bona fide amateur photographers and students only. That is, entrants should not earn more than 10% of their total annual income or £5,000 annually from photography. Copyright of all entries remains with the photographer, but Amateur Photographer and Canon reserve the right to use entries, without payment, to promote the competition. Employees of IPC Media and Canon, and their families, may not enter this competition. Prizes are as stated and no cash or other alternative can be offered to the monthly prizes or overall prize. Canon has the right to substitute the prize for a similar item of equal or higher value if the stated prize is not available. No money can be added to the overall prize. The overall winner must choose his or her prize within six weeks of being notified. In the event of a tie score, the editor will choose a winner. The editor?s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. By entering this competition you grant permission to Amateur Photographer and Canon to reproduce your photos for display at an exhibition, and on the Amateur Photographer websites, should they be selected.

Plan your APOY year

Below is a list of this year’s rounds, a synopsis of what we’re looking for and the date they will be announced. Ultimately, we want you to think outside the box. Be keen, creative, proficient and interpret these themes in a personal way that means something to you.

Round Synopsis Round Announced Closes     Results Published
Leading Lines Lead me in 14 Feb Closed 28 March

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On The Street Candid Life 7 March Closed 25 April

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Outdoor Portrait Get out of the house 4 April Closed 30 May

See Results

Plant Life Artful vegetation 2 May Closed 27 June

See Results

H20 Features and functions 6 June Closed 25 July

See Results

Looking Closer The finer details 4 July Closed 29 Aug

See Results

Bold Colour Complements and clashes 1 Aug Closed 26 Sept

See Results

Reflection Double or nothing 5 Sept Closed 31 Oct

See Results

From a Low Angle New views from the ground up 3 Oct Closed 28 Nov

See Results

Low Light Inside or out 7 Nov Closed 19 Dec

See Results

Don?t forget to include all the details listed above.

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