Here are the results for the top 50 entries in the fifth round of APOY 2009 In our H20 round we saw everything from dew drops to crashing waves, rain and even a few morning shaves.

Mark Cook of Kent has won first prize in our H20 round of APOY winning a Canon EOS 500D, worth £869.99, and Canon?s EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, worth £209.99. The Canon EOS 500D is a 15.1MP DSLR offering 3.4fps capture capability with up to 170 JPEG burst, as well as nine-point AF and a high ISO going up to 12,800. Canon?s compact and lightweight EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens is perfect for outdoor shooting. In total, Mark has won £1,079.98 worth of Canon kit.

Mark, a software developer, got fed up with staring at a computer screen all day so he bought a DSLR to help him get outdoors. As his skills grew, he developed a preference for early morning landscapes. ?This oyster fisherman was taken during the early hours on Whitstable Beach, in Kent, where I went to do some long-exposure work,? he says. ?The tide was especially low, so I wandered along to a causeway that goes out into the Thames Estuary on the west side of the harbour. As I approached, this lone figure was wading in water with a net and a bucket. The scene was mesmerising with the calmness of the sea and stillness of the turbines and no discernible horizon.? Judges say Beautiful and serene, like a scene from a dream. Mark has made an astounding image that is both timeless and technically superb.

Second prize of a Canon PowerShot D10, worth £478, goes to Sean Slevin, of Co Wexford, Ireland. With 12.1MP, the rugged PowerShot D10 is resistant to water, shock, dust and cold, making it perfect for your summer holidays. Sean also receives a D10 Accessory Kit, worth £109, which contains a front cover set, shoulder and neck straps and more.

Sean, a carpenter, has long had a passion for photography, recently switching to digital imaging. ?When I wasn?t taking pictures, I could usually be found in the makeshift darkroom in my attic. Now it?s in front of my computer,? he says. This shot of a lone horse was taken from his car while stopped in traffic. Later he converted it to b&w to focus on the dramatic sky and water. Judges say Many would have left this in colour, but Sean wisely chose black & white. The result is a very tranquil image with wonderful contrast. Simply beautiful

In third place, Chris Ould, of Dorset, will receive a Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS, worth £464. The 10MP IXUS 95 IS boasts anti-blur, scene and face detection, as well as a 3x optical zoom with optical Image Stabilizer, making it the perfect all-rounder

Chris, a television script writer, only spotted by chance this sun-bleached toy boat, half submerged in a wheelbarrow full of rainwater. ?After taking this initial shot I tried a few variations, but none captured my original inspiration as much as this one,? he says. Later he adjusted the levels and saturation to add to the feel of nostalgia he associates with Kodachrome-like colours. Judges say Fabulous light and colour. This is a very creative and inspired image. Chris took the theme and interpreted it in a unique way.

Be sure to catch the results of Round 6 Looking Closer, in AP 29 August, and our announcement of Round 7 in AP 1 August.

  1. Mark Cook
  2. Sean Slevin
  3. Chris Ould
  4. Jean MacDonald
  5. Alistair Kerr
  6. Garry Hadfield
  7. Gill Brears
  8. Barry Harrington
  9. Lee Jeffries
  10. David Leatherdale
  11. Fred Wilkinson
  12. Paul Cunningham
  13. Paul Whiting
  14. Radka Cooper
  15. Brian Goldie
  16. Adrian Hall
  17. Dave Fletcher
  18. Kathy Wright
  19. Mani Puthuran
  20. Roger Dewsbery
  21. Mark Naden
  22. Martyn Ferry
  23. Stephen Hadfield
  24. Ann Stevens
  25. Colin Sloanes
  1. Dan Deakin
  2. Jonathan Horrocks
  3. Phil Hargreaves
  4. John Steven Ball
  5. Nic Kirschner
  6. Ian Peterson
  7. Stephen Saunders
  8. Tim Pryor
  9. Alex Rosen
  10. Carol Cotter
  11. Daryl Walter
  12. Simon Jarvis
  13. Chris Dennis
  14. Harry Armytage
  15. James Duffy
  16. Rob Munro
  17. Ann Heazlewood
  18. Peter Moyse
  19. Matthew Hunt
  20. Patrick Dodds
  21. Graham Budden
  22. Dave Benstead
  23. Graham Sealey
  24. Berrnard Thompson
  25. Peter Holloway

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