In our Bold Colour round of APOY you overwhelmed us with a rainbow of skies and flowers, and a cheeky pair of socks.

David Meredith, of Warwickshire, has won first prize in our Bold Colour round of APOY, winning a Canon EOS 500D standard kit, worth £1,399.99. The Canon EOS 500D is a 15-million-pixel DSLR shooting at up to 3.4fps with up to 170 JPEG burst, as well as a nine-point AF and a high ISO up to 12800, making it ideal for low-light conditions. Included in the kit is Canon?s EF-S 200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. With a zoom range of 11x and four-stop Image Stabilizer, it is the perfect all-rounder.

Second prize of a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS, worth £399, goes to John Colmer, of Leicestershire. The 10MP PowerShot SX10 IS features a 20x wideangle zoom with optical Image Stabilizer for great telephoto performance.

In third place, Yari Beno, of West Sussex, will receive a Canon Pixma MP630 printer, worth £179. Boasting 9600x2400dpi and 1pl photolab-quality prints, the Pixma MP630 uses five single inks and can produce a 10x15cm borderless photo in around 20 seconds.

Be sure to catch the results of Round 8, Reflection AP 31 October, and our announcement of Round 9, From a Low Angle, in AP 3 October.

1 David Meredith

Warwickshire 37pts

Sony Alpha 700, 105mm, 3.2secs at f/25, ISO 200

David was looking on photo websites when he saw a similar picture to his winning image and thought he could do it better. With only window light behind him, David chose several pencils in bold colours and laid them out. Next he placed a spoon and a fork on top and hung some black cloth behind his arrangement.

Finally, he put an extra bit of cloth in the foreground to obscure the pencils slightly and make them less recognisable. ?I wanted a slightly different look to other pictures like this,? he says, ?and the primary colours seemed to really jump off the black surroundings.? Judges say David has consistently submitted creative and technically superb images all-year long, and this is perhaps his finest yet. The colours and reflections are superb, and he has created an interesting abstract in that he has given us recognisable shapes but made us look at them in new ways. Very well done.

2 John Colmer

Leicestershire 36pts

Nikon D200, 18-200mm, 1/125sec at f/8

John was at a Loughborough Reenactment Day looking for abstract images to take when he spotted this old Army ambulance. Normally he prefers to take abstracts in nature, but he liked the symmetry and simplicity of the red cross when framed tightly.

?There was an awful lot of stuff going on around the ambulance, so a wider view would have been too busy for an image,? he says. Judges say We agree with John. The tight crop is what makes this image so striking. Very well observed.

3 Yari Beno

West Sussex 35pts

Nikon D300, 30mm,

Yari, a BP engineer, took up photography about four years ago just after he moved to the UK from Slovakia. This image of his fiancé was made in the Czech Republic in an old abandoned house that Yari knew had eerie lighting.

?My fiancé is a ballet dancer, so I had an idea to put a little water on the ground in front of her and set a rubber duck in the puddle,? he says. ? I thought the yellow contrasted well against her red socks. Judges say Yari has shown remarkable skill and creativity to make a unique image that is full of atmosphere.

  1. David Meredith
  2. John Colmer
  3. Yari Beno
  4. Lee Jeffries
  5. James Rowland
  6. Peter Brett
  7. Sean Slevin
  8. Peter Holloway
  9. Phil Hargreaves
  10. Paul Whiting
  11. Philip Westwood
  12. Henrique Souto
  13. Graham Jones
  14. David Kittos
  15. Meredith Wilson
  16. Kathy Wright
  17. Patrick Dodds
  18. Nick Pither
  19. Tim Oram
  20. Alan Brown
  21. Chris Warner
  22. Ian Scotland
  23. Ricardo Alarcon
  24. Agnes Bodor
  25. Andrew Lever
  1. Gary McGhee
  2. Guy Standen
  3. Nick Hatton
  4. Peter Wiles
  5. Tony Cooper
  6. David Hollingsworth
  7. Gary Telford
  8. Lesley Williamson
  9. Mark Cresswell
  10. David Roberts
  11. Andrew Tweedie
  12. Brian Gale
  13. Steve Webb
  14. Ben ivory
  15. Chris Burrows
  16. Mahimanand Thapliyal
  17. Nathaniel Gonzales
  18. Bob Carter
  19. Mani Puthuran
  20. Manuel Robles
  21. Astrid Authier
  22. Melvin Green
  23. Simon King
  24. Martin Eke
  25. George Demetri

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