Ricardo Alarcon, of Gloucestershire, wins first place in our Islands in the Stream round of APOY 2010. Ricardo will receive Canon?s 15.1MP EOS 500D, which features nine-point AF, a maximum ISO of 12,800, Live View mode and the ability to record High Definition videos. He will also receive an EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. Together this kit is worth £1,399.99.

Our second-place winner is Paul Tomline, of Cornwall, who will receive Canon?s PowerShot D10 compact camera, worth £319. Boasting 12.1MP, the rugged D10 is resistant to water, shock, dust and cold, making it perfect for your summer holidays. With 3x zoom, and scene, face and motion detection technology, the D10 covers all your photographic needs.

Peter Phillips, of Bristol, finished third and receives Canon?s 10MP PowerShot SX120 IS, worth £249. This easy-to-use digital compact is capable of capturing enough detail for poster-sized prints or creative cropping and boasts a 10x zoom with optical IS and a 3in LCD.

1st Ricardo Alarcon Gloucestershire 41pts

Nikon D90, 18mm, 1/40sec at f/13

Ricardo spent last Christmas and New Year with his wife and son visiting his in-laws in the Lake District. After several days of freezing weather and poor visibility there was finally a clear day, so he went to Derwentwater looking for reflections to photograph. ?I was amazed by what I found and just had to take numerous shots, this one being my favourite,? he says. Judges say The broken sheets of ice stacked up all along the shoreline lead us into the picture and take us to the mountains beyond, while converting the image to black & white has brought out the detail and edge definition of the ice. It?s a striking image and it?s our favourite, too.

2nd Paul Tomline Cornwall 39pts

Canon EOS 5D, 24-105mm, 1/500sec at f/9, polariser

This image was taken on a day trip to Whitsunday Island in Queensland, Australia, while Paul was on a year-long trip around south-east Asia and Australasia. He had taken several shots of the bay, but took this one as an afterthought just as he was about to leave. ?Using the telephoto end of my lens helped condense the perspective,? he says. ?I used a polariser to bring out the blues and reduce reflection, as it was midday and not the ideal time to take landscape photographs?. Judges say Whitsunday Island is very popular with tourists, and Paul has produced a more abstract view of a much photographed place. The people walking in the centre of the image give a great sense of scale. A superb picture.

3rd Peter Phillips Bristol 37pts

Canon EOS-1D Mark II, 1/6sec at f/22, 0.9 ND grad

Having retired four years ago, Peter has the time to pursue his passion for landscape and visual-art photography, together with playing an active part in photographic societies. ?I have visited this beach at Porth Nanven in Cornwall many times, and on this May evening it all came together,? he says. Judges say Peter has produced a photograph with wonderful contrasts and textures between land, sea and sky. By following the water from the swirling pool in the foreground, we?re led to the setting sun and dramatic sky. It?s a glorious image.

The leader board

Our first round of APOY 2010 has been successful beyond our wildest dreams and the quality has been staggering. Our judges are currently recovering after having to pick the top 30, but we?re confident they have chosen the right images.

It?s still early days in the competition, and our leader board is just starting to take shape. No doubt we?ll see plenty of movement over the coming months, so if you didn?t make it this time there are still nine rounds left to catch up. To make up ground, though, you need to keep entering, as persistence pays off in Amateur Photographer of the Year.

Be sure to watch out for results of Round 2, Rain and Bad Weather, in our dated 24 April 2010 issue, and next week 4 April (on sale 30 March 2010) we announce Round 3. Finally, don?t forget to include your address, daytime phone number, camera and exposure details in your email submissions.

Top 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Ricardo Alarcon 41pts
  • 2 Paul Tomline 39pts
  • 3 Peter Phillips 37pts
  • 4 Adrian Gorst 36pts
  • 4 Simonas Valatka 36pts
  • 6 Dave Millard 35pts
  • 7 Huw Alban 34pts
  • 7 Mark Crocker 34pts
  • 7 Paul Da Silva 34pts
  • 7 Mani Puthuran 34pts
  • 11 Simon Ricketts 33pts
  • 12 Dan Deakin 32pts
  • 12 Martyn Ferry 32pts
  • 12 Michael Lainchbury 32pts
  • 12 Maggie Lambert 32pts
  • 12 Jim Parren 32pts
  • 12 Stewart Smith 32pts
  • 12 Nick Walton 32pts
  • 19 Ron Boon 31pts
  • 19 Johannes Frank 31pts
  • 19 Adrian Hall 31pts
  • 19 Tina Ind 31pts
  • 19 Kieran O?Connor 31pts
  • 19 Partha Sarkar 31pts
  • 25 Jose Paulo Andrade 30pts
    • 25 Gavin Clarke 30pts
    • 25 Adam Feery 30pts
    • 25 Andrea Moxon 30pts
    • 25 Paul Robertson 30pts
    • 25 Victor Saltmeris 30pts
    • 25 Peter Stickler 30pts
    • 32 Chris Bryant 29pts
    • 32 Ian Webb 29pts
    • 34 Valdis Dannenbergs 28pts
    • 34 Philip Lee 28pts
    • 34 Stephen Morgan 28pts
    • 37 Barney Allen 27pts
    • 37 Larry Benjamin 27pts
    • 37 James Dickinson 27pts
    • 37 Martin Greskovic 27pts
    • 37 Hans J Hansen 27pts
    • 37 Shanon Moratti 27pts
    • 43 Neil Gibson 26pts
    • 43 Gary McGhee 26pts
    • 43 Ben Pike 26pts
    • 43 Martin Yeates 26pts
    • 47 Lee Jeffries 25pts
    • 47 Henrique Souto 25pts
    • 49 Maria Ollis 23pts
    • 50 Joanna Rozniak 22pts

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