APOY 2010 Round Rain and Bad Weather

In Round 2 you showed us the best of the worst of what Mother Nature has to offer.

Jan de Brauw, of Devon, wins first place in our Rain and bad weather round of APOY 2010. Jan will receive Canon?s brand-new 18MP EOS 550D with EF-S 18-135mm f/3-5.6 IS lens. Ideal in low light, the EOS 550D offers an ISO range of 100-6400 ? expandable to 12,800. Other features include Full HD movie capability, a 3in LCD and a Quick Control screen. Also included is Canon?s BG-E8 battery grip, worth £159.99, making the total prize worth £1,259.98.

Our second-placed winner is Dan Deakin, of Derbyshire, who will receive Canon?s PowerShot G11 compact camera, worth £599. Designed for exceptional image quality and professional levels of flexibility, the PowerShot G11 combines a 10MP high-sensitivity sensor, a wideangle 5x 300mm lens (28mm-140mm equivalent) and a 2.8in vari-angle LCD.

Paul Whiting, of Hampshire, finished third in the round and receives Canon?s 10MP PowerShot A495, worth £139. The A495 boasts 3.3x optical zoom and a Smart Auto Mode, which uses Scene Detection Technology to determine the shooting scene from subject brightness, contrast, distance and hue.

1st Jan de Brauw, Devon 43pts

Nikon D700, 50mm, 1/160sec at f/2.8, ISO 250

Jan loves taking portraits and couldn?t resist this shot of his daughter during a trip to the park, which was marred by rain. ?The heavens opened, so I did an about turn,? says Jan. ?The image was taken when Scarlett looked out of the window, hoping to see the playground, but was disappointed to see we were back home.?

Judges say Jan?s image tells the story of one person?s experience with bad weather and illustrates perfectly the type of creative and technically superb images that we love so much. Jan?s over-the-shoulder composition puts the viewer in the car with him, and his isolated focus on his daughter?s hood draws your attention to her frustration.

2nd Dan Deakin, Derbyshire 42pts

Nikon D50 modified for infrared, 18-70mm, 1/90sec at f/5.6, ISO 400

Dan, a surgeon with the NHS, was walking with his wife near their house when he persuaded her to jump in a puddle. ?She was soaked anyway,? he says, ?and it helps that she was a fairly decent hurdler a few years ago.? Dan was using his infrared-modified DSLR, as it ?seems to excel on overcast, cloudy days. You seem to get a lot more contrast and texture in the sky than you would get on a standard DSLR. Additionally, the normally bright sky is toned down a bit with infrared.?

Judges say Wonderful composition and exposure, framed and timed just right. This is a fantastic result.

3rd Paul Whiting, Hampshire 41pts

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 70-200mm, 1/4sec at f/16

Paul was on holiday in Tuscany, Italy, and had gone off with the intention of capturing a sunset at this well-known location. Instead of dramatic reds, however, he was met with the drama of an impending storm. ?I didn?t get the fiery colours I was after, but I did get these amazing clouds and the last sunlight just before the heavens opened.

Judges say The fact that Paul didn?t get a sunset shot makes this image of a well-known scene even more interesting. We love the sense of scale and range of tones. His decision to convert to black & white was a wise one.

The leader board

APOY 2010 is off to a flying start, with a staggering number of entries and different interpretations of the theme. The quality has left our judges flummoxed in trying to pick a shortlist.

After two rounds, we?re starting to see movement on our leader board. With his second-placed finish this round, Dan Deakin jumps to the top spot, followed closely by Michael Lainchbury and Martin Greskovic. Don?t worry if you didn?t make it this time as there is still plenty of time to catch up ? but to make up ground you need to keep entering.

Watch out for results of round 3, People in their environment, in AP dated 29 May 2010, and next week we announce round 4 in AP dated 1 May 2010.

Top 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Jan de Brauw 43pts
  • 2 Dan Deakin 42pts
  • 3 Paul Whiting 41pts
  • 4 ChrisAldred 40pts
  • 5 Sean Slevin 38pts
  • 6 Brian Lavery 37pts
  • 6 Rod Pye 37pts
  • 8 Anthony Hooper 36pts
  • 8 Kevin Murray 36pts
  • 10 Endre Szabo 35ps
  • 10 Martin Gre?kovič 35pts
  • 10 Matthew O?Brien 35pts
  • 10 Michael Marsh 35pts
  • 10 Scot Masterton 35pts
  • 10 Nigel Flory 35pts
  • 16 Adam Hirons 34pts
  • 16 Michael Lainchbury 34pts
  • 16 Michael Wojczulis 34pts
  • 19 Aindreas Lynch 33pts
  • 19 Arpna Mehta 33pts
  • 19 Bill Hall 33pts
  • 19 James Clegg 33pts
  • 23 Steve Mepsted 32pts
  • 23 Rob Smith 32pts
  • 23 Steve Webb 32pts
    • 26 Alex Ulivi 31pts
    • 26 Des Gardner 31pts
    • 26 Jon McGrovern 31pts
    • 26 Tammy Pratley 31pts
    • 30 Paul Broadbent 30pts
    • 31 Craig Stapleton 29pts
    • 31 Alan Palmer 29pts
    • 31 Chris Bennett 29pts
    • 31 Keith Aggett 29pts
    • 35 David Kitson 28pts
    • 35 Debashis Tarafder 28pts
    • 35 John Stabler 28pts
    • 35 Paul David 28pts
    • 39 David Meredith 27pts
    • 39 Tim O?Brien 27pts
    • 41 Steve Lowry 26pts
    • 41 Sudip Roychoudhury 26pts
    • 43 Chris Mole 25pts
    • 43 Keith Moore 25pts
    • 45 Adela Nistora 24pts
    • 45 Adrian Hall 24pts
    • 45 Ivor Levy 24pts
    • 45 Nick Atherton 24pts
    • 49 Miroslaw Greluk 20pts
    • 50 Nathan Davis 18pts

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