APOY 2010 Results for Round 3 – Everyday People

In round three you introduced us to people from all places and walks of life

Ed Babb, of London, wins first place in our Everyday People round of APOY 2010. Ed will receive Canon?s EOS 450D and EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens kit, worth £1,149.99. The EOS 450D features a 12.2MP CMOS sensor with 3.5fps capture capability for a continuous burst of up to 53 large JPEG images (six in raw). The compact, fast-focusing EF-S 17-85mm lens features Image Stabilization at up to 3 stops compensation and near-silent USM AF.

Our second-placed winner is Roberto de Andrade, of Brazil, who will receive Canon?s 12.1MP IXUS 200 IS compact camera, worth £349, which features an ultra wideangle 24mm lens and 5x optical zoom. He will also receive Canon?s Selphy ES40 compact photo printer, worth £159, plus E-P100, E-P20G, E-P20S, E-P25BW photo paper, worth £82.

James Standley, of Dorset, finished third in the round and receives Canon?s 10MP PowerShot SX120 IS, worth £209. The SX120 IS can capture enough detail for poster-size prints and boasts a 10x zoom with optical IS and a 3in LCD.

1st Ed Babb, London 41pts

Canon EOS 400D, 50mm, 1/1250sec at f/7.1, ISO 200

?To those living in Phnom Penh?s city dump in Cambodia, the smoke and black water is an everyday reality,? says Ed. ?Building tents and shacks in, on or around the perimeter of the landscape of junk, whole families live their entire lives here. This is their everyday environment. After seeing this, it made sense to me that people would prefer to work in a sweat shop.?

Judges say Ed?s remarkable image could rank with some of the finest documentary photographers. The mist, the depth, the composition, the timeless nature of it all make this image captivating. It?s a remarkable achievement.

2nd Roberto de Andrade, Brazil 40pts

Olympus C-60Z, 1/125ssec at f/7.1, ISO 100

Roberto began photography shooting mainly Kodak Tri-X 400 black & white film. Last year he rediscovered his passion for the hobby by uploading his work to numerous photo-sharing websites that gave him feedback on his work. A web designer by day, Roberto spotted this painter from the window of his office. ?I waited about 15 minutes for him to get in the position I wanted while I composed my shot,? he says. ?I like minimalist compositions and simple, effective views.?

Judges say Roberto?s keen eye has helped him make a simple, graphic image that is bold and attention grabbing. Well done.

3rd James Standley, Dorset 39pts

Nikon D3, 28-135mm, 1/160sec at f/5.6, ISO 400

James says, ?I spotted this Thai kick boxer in between rounds three and four at a local event. These guys live and breathe kick boxing, and carry it out with great skill, discipline and composure. I own a Nikon D90, but was lucky enough to borrow a D3 for the night of this fight. It?s a superb camera, used with a very soft lens.?

Judges say James?s image boasts plenty of drama and atmosphere, and one wonders if he would have been able to get this shot without the D3 given the apparent low light. The skin tones are wonderful, and his lower angle of view makes this image all the more interesting.

The Leader Board

We?ve had another great month of entries, with some stunning images and creative interpretations of the theme coming our way. After three rounds, we?re still seeing great movement in the leader board, suggesting this is still anyone?s game. With another strong finish this round, Dan Deakin maintains his foothold in the top spot, followed by Martin Gre?kovič, Jan de Brauw and Ricardo Alarcon. Once again, don?t worry if you didn?t make it this time, as there is still plenty of time to catch up ? but to make up ground you need to keep entering.

Watch out for results of round 4, In Bloom, in AP dated 26 June 2010, and in AP dated 5 June 2010 we announce round 5.

Top 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Ed Babb 41pts
  • 2 Roberto de Andrade 40pts
  • 3 James Standley 39pts
  • 4 Dave Fletcher 38pts
  • 4 Gerry Boyle 38pts
  • 6 Alex Ulivi 37pts
  • 7 Ricardo Alarcon 37pts
  • 7 Lee Jefferies 37p
  • 9 Jan de Brauw 36pts
  • 10 John Swannick 35pts
  • 11 Alexander Ong 34pts
  • 11 Ian Biggs 34pts
  • 11 Martin Greskovic 34ps
  • 11 Zoltan Karpati 34pts
  • 15 Chris Ould 33pts
  • 15 Max Brockman 33pts
  • 15 Neal Reed 33pts
  • 15 Sam Burton 33pts
  • 19 Adam Hirons 32pts
  • 19 Andrew Lever 32pts
  • 19 Dan Deakin 32pts
  • 19 Keith Dorian 32pts
  • 19 Tony Hamilton 32pts
  • 19 Vikram Harish 32pts
  • 25 Laszlo Forras 31pts
    • 25 Meredith Lewis 31pts
    • 25 Tamas Schild 31pts
    • 25 Steve Mepsted 31pts
    • 29 Alan Johnson 30pts
    • 30 Colin Mill 29pts
    • 30 Joydeep Mukherjee 29pts
    • 32 Paul Robertson 28pts
    • 32 Kevin Harvey 28pts
    • 32 Paul Da Silva 28pts
    • 32 Balint Hudecz 28pts
    • 32 Brian Lavery 28pts
    • 32 Eric Sugijono 28pts
    • 38 Amitava Chandra 27pts
    • 38 Henrique Souto 27pts
    • 38 Md. Akhlas Uddin 27pts
    • 38 Rajat Kumas Das 27pts
    • 42 Mike Skelton 26pts
    • 42 Rhys Orford 26pts
    • 44 Tony Duhig 25pts
    • 45 Chris Hamley 24pts
    • 45 Dennis Low 24pts
    • 47 Horia Bogdan 23pts
    • 47 Jill Flower 23pts
    • 49 Joanna Rozniak 21pts
    • 49 Nick Board 21pts

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