APOY 2011 Results Round One Trees

We’re one round into this year’s competition and already the quality and quanity of entries has been phenomenal. For the first round of APOY 2011 we received a staggering 2,250 entries, which has to be an APOY record.

Derek Hansen, of Kent, wins first place in our Shooting trees round of APOY 2011. Derek will receive Canon?s EOS 60D and EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens worth £1,299.99. The 18-million-pixel EOS 60D was voted AP?s Product of the Year 2011. It can produce stunning stills or Full HD movies using the vari-angle LCD screen and has an ISO range of up to 6400 that is expandable to 12,800. The EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens covers a 29-216mm (35mm equivalent) range and offers a multi-purpose zoom range from wideangle to telephoto, featuring a 4-stop Image Stabilizer and six-blade circular aperture.

Our second-placed winner is Keith Aggett of Devon, who will receive Canon?s 14.1-million-pixel PowerShot SX30 IS compact camera, worth £449. The SX30 IS has a huge focal range thanks to its 35x zoom, while the ultrasonic motor allows you to zoom fast, silently and accurately. Other features include 720p HD movie capability, a 4.5-stop optical Image Stabilizer and a 6.8cm (2.7in) vari-angle LCD screen.

Alan Silverwood, of Leeds finished third in the round and receives Canon?s 14.1-million-pixel IXUS 210, worth £249. Features include a 24mm ultra-wideangle 5x zoom, 8.8cm (3.5in) LCD, touchscreen control, optical Image Stabilizer, 720p HD movie capability and shooting modes such as low light, fisheye and miniature.

1st Derek Hansen, Kent 41pts

Canon 50D, 10-20mm, 1/15sec at f/22, ISO 200

Derek took this image on a cloudy February morning last year. He spotted the furrowed field near Staplehurst in Kent after driving back from a dawn shoot. ?When I saw the furrows I knew I had to stop and take a photograph,? says Derek. ?I thought the lone tree would make a strong image. It was cloudy, but when the sun came out it sidelit the furrows perfectly. I took two exposures for the sky and land and blended them together in Photoshop

Judges say This is an excellently composed image. Derek has skilfully framed his shot so that the shadows and strong sidelighting make the furrows look three-dimensional. A very well deserved winner

2nd Keith Aggett, Devon 39pts

Nikon D300, 17-70mm, 1/160sec at f/5, ISO 200

?I took this image on Dartmoor in thick fog,? says Keith. ?I processed the file in Photoshop using Curves and added a small amount of noise before converting the image to black & white?

Judges say The tight framing and balanced composition results in a dramatic image while the mist adds an eerie feel

3rd Alan Silverwood, Leeds 38pts

Canon EOS-1D Mark II, 70-200mm, 1/50sec at f/8, ISO 400

This avenue of elm trees is located west of Armoy in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Alan explains that it is known locally as the ?Dark Hedges? and was planted in 1750. ?It was a dull day and there was a lot of shade from the branches, so I knew the exposure would be tricky,? says Alan. ?I used a fairly long lens to try to compress the sense of perspective in the scene?

Judges say We love the tangled branches and the way the road draws the viewer through the centre of the image. The black & white conversion adds to the mysterious mood

Top 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Derek Hansen 41pts
  • 2 Keith Aggett 39pts
  • 3 Alan Silverwood 38pts
  • 4 Ricardo Alarcon 37pts
  • 4 Lawrence Cain 37pts
  • 4 Sean Slevin 37pts
  • 4 Agan Pozegic 37pts
  • 4 Guy Winfeld 37pts
  • 9 Piers Smith 36pts
  • 9 Neil Mansfield 36pts
  • 11 John Seamons 35pts
  • 11 Jennifer Rowbotham 35pts
  • 13 Boris Mrdja 35pts
  • 13 Paul Whiting 35pts
  • 13 Stephen Elliott 35pts
  • 16 Jonathan Horrocks 34pts
  • 16 SuYen Chen 34pts
  • 18 Adrian Gorst 33pts
  • 18 Joe Tully 33pts
  • 20 Karl Skerstins 33pts
  • 21 Alistair Kerr 32pts
  • 21 Chris Bennett 32pts
  • 21 David Queenan 32pts
  • 21 Fen Oswin 32pts
  • 21 Salvatore Marrazzo 32pts
    • 26 Chris Benbow 31pts
    • 26 Jan Michalec 31pts
    • 26 Paul Beverley 31pts
    • 26 Peter Henry 31pts
    • 26 Stuart Dawson 31pts
    • 31 John Hill 30pts
    • 32 Thommy Kusbin 30pts
    • 32 Tony Cooper 30pts
    • 34 Eric Emerson 29pts
    • 34 Guy Longtin 29pts
    • 36 John W Bradley 28pts
    • 36 Stefan Gorbey 28pts
    • 36 Simon Hopkins 28pts
    • 39 Gary Telford 27pts
    • 39 Jack Hood 27pts
    • 39 Steve Parker 27pts
    • 42 Richard Paul 26pts
    • 42 Sean Rogers 26pts
    • 42 Simona Bonanno 26pts
    • 42 Steve Wakefield 26pts
    • 46 Ben Pike 25pts
    • 46 John O’Neill 25pts
    • 48 Stuart Herbert 24pts
    • 49 Helen Clarke 22pts
    • 50 Somenath Mukhopadhyay 18pts

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