APOY 2011 Results Round Three – Streets & Walkways

APOY 2011 Results Round Three ? Streets & Walkways

The results are in for the third round of APOY. We had some fantastic entries, covering many subjects. Here we publish the images of the three Canon prize winners and list the top 50 entries.

Ian Webb, of Swansea, wins first place in our Streets and Walkways round of APOY 2011. Ian will receive a Canon EOS 60D and EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens worth £1,349.99. The 18-million-pixel EOS 60D was voted AP?s Product of the Year 2011. With its vari-angle LCD screen and advanced creative features, the EOS 60D can produce stunning stills or full HD movies. And when light levels fall, the EOS 60D offers an ISO range of up to 6400 that is expandable to 12,800 for those environments where using flash is undesirable. The lightweight and compact EF-S 17-85mm lens covers a 27-136 (35mm equivalent) range and features a 3-stop Image Stabilizer, giving the lens an effective maximum aperture of f/1.4-2.

Our second-placed winner is Jose Souto from London, who will receive Canon?s 10-million-pixel PowerShot S95 and case, worth £399. Thomas Richards of Kent finished third in the round and wins a PowerShot A3300 IS, worth £149. The 16-million-pixel A3300 IS has a 28mm wideangle 5x zoom lens.

1st Ian Webb, Swansea 40pts

Canon EOS 60D, 18-135mm, 1/200sec at f/7.1, ISO 100

?Taken from a rooftop, I was waiting for a pleasing composition or something interesting to happen when this man started jumping across the zebra crossing,? says Ian. ?I especially liked the early morning light and the way it cast great shadows across the street?.

Judges say: ?The judges were blown away by this image; everything comes together brilliantly. We love the shooting angle Ian has chosen, the geometrical lines and shapes, the position of the pedestrian, long shadows and beautiful light. Very well done!?

2nd Jose Souto, London 39pts

Nikon D700, 35mm, 1/200sec at f/5.6, ISO 320

Railway arch over Webber Street in Southwark, London, just before sunset

Judges say: ?Jose took this image at just the ?right? moment. The rimlit cyclist is entering the arch and has been illuminated by the evening light. Jose has managed to retain detail in the shadows and highlights, and skilfully composed the scene to create a timeless image.?

3rd Thomas Richards, Kent 38pts

Canon EOS 7D, 15-85mm, 1/100sec at f/4.5, ISO 100

Thomas took this image from a 10th floor flat in Abu Dhabi, UAE. A queue of cars has built up, caused by a set of traffic signals outside the frame. The high perspective allows the viewer to see lines, shapes, patterns and shadows that together create an unusual street image.

Judges say:?The perfectly spaced cars are almost too good to be true. They make this abstract, slightly unnerving image.?

The 2011 Leader Board

We?re three rounds into this year?s APOY contest and the competition is hotting up. With seven rounds to go there is everything to play for. We have been impressed by the range of interpretations of the themes and are seeing consistently excellent images from one round to the next. Last year?s winner Sean Slevin retains pole position with 106 points, while Paul Whiting remains in second place. Simona Bonanno slips from third to sixth, while Lee Jeffries moves from sixth to third. Ricardo Alarcon is in fourth place.

Top 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Ian Webb 40pts
  • 2 Jose Souto 39pts
  • 3 Thomas Richards 38pts
  • 4 Ricardo Alarcon 37pts
  • 4 Warren Chrismas 37pts
  • 6 Paul Broadbent 36pts
  • 6 Stefan Gorbey 36pts
  • 6 Dragan Lapcevic 36pts
  • 6 Szandra Szedmak 36pts
  • 10 Jarrod Castaing 35pts
  • 10 Peter Kurdulija 35pts
  • 10 Neil Macgregor 35pts
  • 10 Salvatore Marrazzo 35pts
  • 10 Paul Ruddock 35pts
  • 15 Chris Dixon 34pts
  • 15 Lee Jeffries 34pts
  • 15 Noel Jenkins 34pts
  • 15 Eric Kruszewski 34pts
  • 15 Neil Mansfield 34pts
  • 20 Anne Frigon 33pts
  • 20 Aaron Miller 33pts
  • 20 Edward Ross 33pts
  • 20 Jim Tate 33pts
  • 24 John Steven Ball 32pts
  • 24 Jamie Leasure 32pts
    • 24 Sean Slevin 32pts
    • 27 Lucinda Castaing 31pts
    • 27 Andrew Miller 31pts
    • 27 Paul Whiting 31pts
    • 30 Rob Deyes 30pts
    • 30 Ray Grover 30pts
    • 30 Mark Massey 30pts
    • 30 Jean-Philippe Scolari 30pts
    • 34 Simona Bonanno 29pts
    • 34 Dibyendu Dey Choudhury 29pts
    • 34 EJ Mathers 29pts
    • 34 Paulina Wierzgacz 29pts
    • 38 Jim Beckett 28pts
    • 38 Dan Deakin 28pts
    • 38 Gary Telford 28pts
    • 41 Christopher Foltz 27pts
    • 41 Ernst Riedler 27pts
    • 43 Graham Green 26pts
    • 44 Nora Mezey 25pts
    • 45 Susan Watkins 24pts
    • 46 David Barrett 22pts
    • 46 Susan Harding 22pts
    • 46 Raghavendra Mysore 22pts
    • 49 David Miller 20pts
    • 49 Iain Furneaux 20pts

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    See the APOY 2011 Leader Board after this round.

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