APOY 2012 Round 5 Results – The Beauty of Plants

Robert Whatmough, of Royston in Hertfordshire, is the winner of our Beauty of Plants round of APOY 2012. Robert will receive a Samsung NX200 with 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, a Samsung 60mm f/2.8 macro lens, a Samsung ED-SEF42A flash and a 16GB SDHC Plus memory card, worth a total of £1,498.96. The NX200 is a compact system camera with a 20.3-million-pixel, APS-C, CMOS sensor. It has high-speed capture (7fps) and ultra-fast autofocus (100ms), while the ISO range of 100-12,800 lets you take high-speed photos even in low light. Samsung’s 60mm optic is actually a macro lens, but with the 1.5x conversion factor of the APS-C sensor, it takes on that magic 90mm focal length.

Our second-placed winner is Jack Hood, of Slough in Buckinghamshire. Jack will receive a Samsung WB850F compact camera and a 16GB SDHC Plus memory card worth a total of £288.98. The WB850F travel compact has a 16-million-pixel, BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor to help reduce image noise and distortion and a 21x optical zoom lens (23-483mm equivalent). The Samsung WB850F also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so users can email photos or share them on social network sites quickly and easily.


Nanne Springer,
of Toronto in Canada, finished third in the round and wins a £250 Jessops Gift Card.

1st Robert Whatmough, Hertfordshire 48pts
Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 100mm, 1/125sec at f/5, ISO 400


Judges say: ‘This more-than-deserving winner has taken a unique approach to the subject and has framed the cactus in such a way that it appears fire-like. The rich colours are really striking. A great job.’

2nd Jack Hood, Buckinghamshire 47pts
Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR, 1/1500sec at f/5.3, ISO 800

Monochrome flower

Judges say: ‘Young Jack Hood is someone we’ve seen in the pages of AP before. He managed to wow readers with his macro shots, but here he has gone for a more conventional monochrome angle. It’s stunning.’


3rd Nanne Springer, Canada 46pt
Pentacon Six TL, 80mm, 1/1000sec at f/2.8, Fujichrome Provia 400F, ISO 400


Judges say: ‘In this image, Nanne has exploited the golden light and further emphasised it with a soft-focus approach. It’s a beautiful image and one that appeals to the romantic and dreamy among us.’

Top 50 entries for this round: 

  • 1 Robert Whatmough 48pts
  • 2 Jack Hood 47pts
  • 3 Nanne Springer 46pts
  • 4 Richard Craze 45pts
  • 4 Dan Deakin 45pts
  • 4 Diana Didulica 45pts
  • 4 Mike Morley 45pts
  • 8 Eden Breitz 44pts
  • 9 Alf Bailey 43pts
  • 9 Herbert Freedom 43pts
  • 9 Adrian Sadlier 43pts
  • 9 Mark Wills 43pts
  • 13 Sergio Andaloro 41pts
  • 13 Paul Rookes 41pts
  • 13 Bojil Vassilev 41pts
  • 16 Marlon Cole 40pts
  • 16 Diogo Ferreira 40pts
  • 16 Amy Whitewick 40pts
  • 19 Miguel De Freitas 38pts
  • 20 Arindom Bora 37pts
  • 20 Charlie Jobson 37pts
  • 20 Bill Sell 37pts
  • 23 Jessica Bobik 36pts
  • 24 Chris Gin 35pts
  • 25 Jenny Coughlan 34pts
  • 25 Marcelo Oliveira 34pts
  • 27 Sandra Angers-Blondin 33pts
  • 27 Sam Anslow 33pts
  • 27 Ian Turner 33pts
  • 30 Andrew Blake 31pts
  • 30 Chris Bestwick 30pts
  • 30 Ian Grainger 30pts
  • 30 Richard Pickup 30pts
  • 30 Gail Sparks 30pts
  • 35 Marilyn Gardner 29pts
  • 35 Peter Kurdulija 29pts
  • 35 Ian Porter 29pts
  • 38 Raymond Bridges 27pts
  • 38 Alex Farrugia 27pts
  • 38 Divy Khatri 27pts
  • 41 Gerry Boyle 26pts
  • 41 Nicole Bowron 26pts
  • 41 Mike Gould 26pts
  • 41 Dusica Paripovic 26pts
  • 45 Ian Berry 25pts
  • 45 Dave Fletcher 25pts
  • 45 Jay Heiser 25pts
  • 48 Nicholas Grady 24pts
  • 49 John Steven Ball 23pts
  • 49 Andrew Wood 23pts

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