APOY 2013 Competition Round 2 – Life in Motion

Martin Roberts, of Gloucester, is the winner of our Life in Motion round of APOY 2013. Martin will receive a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 plus a Lumix G Vario HD 14-140mm f/4-5.8 Asph Mega OIS lens, worth a total of £2,093.99. The GH3 is a compact system camera with a 16.05-million-pixel, four thirds, Live MOS sensor.

It has a weather-resistant magnesium-alloy body, an extended sensitivity range of ISO 125-25,600 and a 1.744-million-dot EVF. The Lumix G Vario HD 14-140mm f/4-5.8 Asph Mega OIS lens offers a wide and long zoom range of 14-140mm zoom (28-800mm in 35mm equivalent) to suit a variety of shooting situations, from scenery to portrait.

Our second-placed winner is James Balda, of Budapest in Hungary, who will receive a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30, worth £319.99. The TZ30 is a high-spec compact camera with a 14.1-million-pixel, High-Sensitivity MOS sensor, 20x optical zoom Leica DC lens and 50p full HD video recording. It also features 10fps burst shooting in full resolution and GPS.

 Bec Wolf, of Wokingham in Berkshire, finished third in the round and wins a Panasonic 32GB SDHC Class 10 memory card worth £35.99. The 32GB card is ideal for recording AVCHD high-definition video and high-resolution raw files.

1st Martin Roberts, Gloucester 44pts

Canon EOS 40D, 50mm, 1sec at f/22, ISO 125, ND6 filter, tripod

‘Moidrey Windmill, France’

say: ‘Sometimes an APOY entry comes along that really makes the judges
glad they picked just the right theme that would produce such an image.
This is a truly beautiful shot from Martin. He has chosen just the right
shutter speed to make the scene painterly.’

2nd János Balda, Hungary 43pts

Canon EOS 500D, 50mm, 1/45sec at f/8, ISO 400, flash


Judges say: ‘János has delivered a genuinely captivating image here. He has caught the reflection of the flashgun in the raindrops and, as a result, has created an image that engages the eye. The dynamic camera angle and the strong shape of the gull in the foreground are also strong elements. This is a more than deserved second place.’

3rd Bec Wolf, Berkshire 42pts

Nikon D300, 50mm, 30secs at f/22, ISO 100, tripod


Judges say: ‘Bec’s image is a long exposure of the harbourside lights and traffic (including an ambulance) at Svolvaer harbour in Norway. The picture was taken from a moving ferry as it eased out of the harbour, parallel to the dockside. Bec’s image is one of the more abstract interpretations of the brief and is utterly captivating.’

Top 50 entries for this round:

  • 1 Martin Roberts 44pts
  • 2 János Balda 43pts
  • 3 Bec Wolf 42pts
  • 4 Mikhail Kapychka 41pts
  • 5 Aaron Yeoman 40pts
  • 6 Matej Paluh 39pts
  • 7 Graham Love 38pts
  • 8 Paul Beverley 37pts
  • 9 Dave Tucker 36pts
  • 10 Frederic Vaeremans 35pts
  • 11 Betina La Plante 34pts
  • 12 Mo Alam 33pts
  • 12 Dan Deakin 33pts
  • 14 Helen Dickman 32pts
  • 15 Simona Bonanno 31pts
  • 15 Diogo Ferreira 31pts
  • 17 Julian Fraser 30pts
  •  17 Adrian Sadlier 30pts
  • 17 Mark Whitmore 30pts
  • 20 Neil MacGregor 29pts
  • 21 Elena Churakova 28pts
  • 21 Jerry Newsome 28pts
  • 23 Boris Giltburg 27pts
  • 24 Csilla Szucs 26pts
  • 25 Jonathan Bailey 25pts
    • 25 Anthony Chang 25pts
    • 25 Gary Cox 25pts
    • 28 Lee Wheatley 24pts
    • 29 Elayne Allan 23pts
    • 30 Clive Smith 22pts
    • 31 Richard Male 21pts
    • 31 Sven Roden 21pts
    • 33 Neil Davies 20pts
    • 34 Charlotte Gilliatt 19pts
    • 34 Davide Simiele 19pts
    • 36 Andrew Faulk 18pts
    • 36 George Griffin 18pts
    • 36 Charlie Jobson 18pts
    • 36 Brian Roberts 18pts
    • 40 Jenny Coughlan 17pts
    • 41 Eric Begbie 16pts
    • 41 Joel Forte 16pts
    • 43 Penny Robyn Halsall 15pts
    • 44 Sidharth Priyabrata 14pts
    • 44 Matt Walkley 14pts
    • 46 Alexander Ong 13pts
    • 47 Michael Breitung 12pts
    • 48 Steve Clayton 11pts
    • 49 Alexander Gu 10pts
    • 49 Tomy Nurseta Widyadi 10pts

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