APOY 2014 – Competition Results Round 5 – Dawn and Dusk – Landscapes in dawn and dusk light

Some powerful images feature in round 5 of APOY 2014. We reveal the top 50 for Portraits in Natural Light

Stephen Coyne, from Cheshire will receive an Olympus OM-D E-M10 with a 14-42mm EZ Pancake zoom, a 45mm f/1.8 portrait lens, a 40-150mm zoom, a 9mm fisheye lens, a macro adapter and a street case in which to carry it all.

That’s a total retail price of £1,200. The E-M10 has a 16.1-million-pixel, four thirds-sized CMOS sensor and a TruePic VII image-processing system. The 1.44-million-dot EVF displays a 100% field of view and has a 120fps refresh rate.

The 14-42mm EZ Pancake zoom lens is a slim and compact optic that is equivalent to a 28-84mm lens in the 35mm format. The 45mm f/1.8 portrait lens is ideal for low-light people shots without flash, while the 40-150mm zoom has high-speed AF and is optimised for movies and stills. The 9mm fisheye lens is ideal for capturing wideangle scenes.

Our second-placed winner is Sirsendu Gayen, from India. Sirsendu will receive an Olympus Pen E-PL5 camera plus a 14-42mm and 40-150mm twin-lens zoom kit worth £500.

The E-PL5 offers serious image quality with its powerful 16.1-million-pixel sensor and a new OM-D component in the TruePic VI image processor. The camera has lightning-fast autofocus, a touch-sensitive LCD screen and full HD video.

Sven Roden, from Northamptonshire , takes third place in this round. Sven wins an Olympus Stylus SP-100EE Ultra Zoom camera, with an impressive 16-million-pixel sensor and 3in LCD screen.

The camera includes a handy autofocus lock so you need never lose a shot due to fuzzy focusing. The camera features a 50x optical Ultra Zoom lens 
with a focal length ranging from 24mm to 1,200mm, and built-in Dot Sight to make it easier to focus on subjects.

1st Stephen Coyne, Cheshire 50pts

Nikon D90, 80-300mm, 1/180sec at f/5.6, ISO 200

Stephen’s stunning shot taken at Erg Chebbi, on the edge of the Sahara Desert was a clear winner for the judges. The sun was just setting over Morocco and thankfully Stephen was there to capture this beautifully composed image. The figures in their striking garb are excellent elements.

2nd Sirsendu Gayen, West Bengal, India 49pts

Nikon D80, 1/250sec at f/9, ISO 125

While Stephen’s image was the judge’s favourite, Sirsendu’s golden shot certainly gave it a run for its money. There’s a lot to love in this image: its simple composition, the minimal detail the stunning rays of light bathing the scene in warm tones. It’s a truly dreamy shot and more than worthy of a top three position

3rd Sven Roden, Northamptonshire 48pts

Nikon D700, 10-24mm, 182secs at f/16, ISO 100, ND, grad, tripod

Sven has communicated the bitter winter cold by using a couple of ND filters and a slow shutter to essentially ‘freeze’ the icy water

Top 50 entries for this round:

1 Stephen Coyne 50pts
2 Sirsendu Gayen 49pts
3 Sven Roden 48pts
4 George Digalakis 47pts
5 Chris Gin 46pts
6 Eric Begbie 45pts
7 Derken Hansen 44pts
8 Michael Kiely 43pts
9 Fearghal Breathnach 42pts
10 Stuart Hall 41pts
11 Bec Wolf 40pts
12 George Taylor 39pts
13 Alex Rosen 38pts
14 Renato Granieri 37pts
15 Alf Bailey 36pts
16 Adam Petto 35pts
17 Adrian Mills 34pts
18 Farid Sani 33pts
19 Andrew Hayward-Wills 32pts
20 Christopher Day 31pts
21 Charles Spencer 30pts
22 Marino Reljica Kostic 29pts
23 Sigita Playdon 28pts
24 Mark Helliwell 27pts
25 Javier Martínez Moran 26pts
26 Kate Ferris 25pts
27 Richard Sheppard 24pts
28 Alan Warriner 23pts
29 Mark Ackland 22pts
30 Thom Corbishley 21pts
31 Andrey Serkov 20pts
32 Andrew Cook 19pts
33 Simon Kitchin 18pts
34 Janos Balda 17pts
35 Robert Haubrich 16pts
36 Andrew Wood 15pts
37 Nathaniel Gonzales 14pts
38 Michael Hilton 13pts
39 Gerard Sexton 12pts
40 Joshua Mayou 11pts
41 Naumkin Oleksandr 10pts
42 Peter Fenech 9pts
43 Shelly Glaister-Young 8pts
44 João Domingues 7pts
45 Brian McCready 6pts
46 Anthony Jackson 5pts
47 Kieran McDonald 4pts
48 Rachael Dunn 3pts
49 Krzysztof Browko 2pts
50 Maciej Gadzinowski 1pt

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