APOY results round 6 ? Close to You

In round 6 we saw a number of stunning bugs and bug?s-eye views in our close to You round

Sean Slevin, of Co Wexford, Ireland, wins first place in our Macro and close-up round of APOY 2010. Sean will receive Canon?s EOS 50D and EF-S 60mm f/2.8 macro USM lens kit, worth £1,399.99. The EOS 50D features a 15.1-million-pixel APS-C CMOS sensor, Digic 4 processor and captures 6.3 frames per second with continuous bursts of up to 90 JPEGs. It also offers a sensitivity range of up to 12,800, making it perfect in low-light conditions. The EF-S 60mm f/2.8 macro USM is the first true macro lens in the EF-S series. It has an effective focal length of approximately 96mm in 35mm format, and offers high corner-to-corner resolution, contrast and image quality.

Our second-placed winner is Eric Sugijono, of Indonesia, who will receive Canon?s 14.1-million-pixel PowerShot SX210 IS compact camera, worth £359. With a 14x wideangle optical zoom and Canon optical image stabilizer, smart auto and face detection, plus full manual control and HD movies, the PowerShot SX210 IS combines power with style.

Rob Deyes, of Hull, finished third in the round and receives Canon?s 12.1MP PowerShot A3100 IS, worth £159. This slim compact camera packs a big punch, boasting a 4x optical zoom with optical image stabilizer, motion-detection technology, smart auto and easy modes, super vivid and poster effect and capability for VGA movies

Amateur Photographer of the Year 2010

We?re now two-thirds of the way into APOY 2010, and the competition is getting fierce. It?s still very much anyone?s game with our top ten on the leader board. Even if you?re image isn?t in this week?s top 30, though, it very well could be next month so keep on submitting your images!

1st Sean Slevin, Co Wexford, Ireland 40pts

Canon EOS 500D, 28mm, 1/5sec at f/16, ISO 400

Sean had the idea for this image in his mind ever since he saw the 2002 film Long Walk Home (aka Rabbit-Proof Fence). He wanted to show the sparseness of the landscape (actually his bedroom) and a strong sense of scale in close proximity. Placing his camera on the floor, he set the self-timer and held various poses for 20 minutes in natural light. Next he photographed a dead moth that he found and merged the two images in Photoshop.

Judges say Brilliantly planned and executed, everything about this image works ? the light, the angle, the clean background, the juxtaposition of the two subjects. Sean is a very talented photographer

2nd Eric Sugijono, Indonesia 38pts

Canon EOS 400D, 85mm, 1/125sec at f/1.8, ISO 400

Eric took up photography just two years ago when he joined a photography club in his faculty of medicine at the University of Indonesia. He took this picture while doing social work at a village on West Java. ?The boy was crying while being circumcised, and his mother tried to comfort him by hugging him and saying prayers,? says Eric. ?The emotion of the child and his mother was very moving, so I took some pictures.?

Judges say Eric?s tight frame emphasises the closeness of this moment and the bond between the two. Very well seen

3rd Rob Deyes, Hull 38pts

Canon EOS 5D, 100mm & 25mm ext tube, 1/4sec at f/5.6

Rob had been thinking about his entry for our Close To You round, but was short on ideas. The idea finally came to him when his girlfriend was doing some coursework. ?She was reading a book when the pages kept spreading out like a fan,? he recalls. ?I kept watching for a while thinking? close to you! The very next day when she was at work I took the picture.?

Judges say Rob has created a very interesting graphic abstract with nice symmetry using a common household item. We like the tiny frame of blue at the bottom, holding it all together

The leader board

With his first-place finish this round, Sean Slevin inches closer to number one. Meanwhile, Martin Greskovic takes over the top spot from Dan Deakin. Watch out for the results of our current round, Wish You Were Here, in AP 25 September 2010

To 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Sean Slevin 40pts
  • 2Eric Sugijono 39pts
  • 3 Rob Deyes 38pts
  • 4 William Harvey 37pts
  • 4 Krzysztof Melech 37pts
  • 4 Tibor Somodi 37pts
  • 4 Thomas Wright 37pts
  • 4 Mike Travers 37pts
  • 9 Adam Hirons 36pts
  • 9 Tomasz Skop 36pts
  • 11 Ricardo Alarcon 35pts
  • 11 Lee Jeffries 35pts
  • 11 Laura Porter 35pts
  • 11 Paul Whiting 35pts
  • 15 Kim Benson 34pts
  • 15 Ian Web 34pts
  • 15 Barry Young 34pts
  • 18 Agnes Bodor 33pts
  • 18 Simon Robinson 33pts
  • 20 Mirela Bogdan 32pts
  • 20 Marcos Minuchin 32pts
  • 20 Monique Simons 32pts
  • 20 Michal Wojczulis 32pts
  • 24 Adrian Reynolds 31pts
  • 24 Mark France 31pts
    • 24 Elaine Hagget 31pts
    • 24 Dexter Maneja 31pts
    • 24 Alan Perkins 31pts
    • 24 Dhrubasis Pramanik 31pts
    • 24 Simonas Valatka 31pts
    • 31 Jon Fitton 30pts
    • 31 Matt Gratton 30pts
    • 31 Michael Marsh 30pts
    • 31 Neal Reed 30pts
    • 31 Fred Wilkinson 30pts
    • 36 Katie Musgrave 29pts
    • 36 Endre Szabo 29pts
    • 36 Dave Wilcox 29pts
    • 39 Aram Buchanan 28pts
    • 40 Martyn Civil 27pts
    • 40 Vikram Harish 27pts
    • 40 Shanon Moratti 27pts
    • 40 Jim Mortram 27pts
    • 40 Deba Prasad Roy 27pts
    • 45 Artur Striker 26pts
    • 45 Ipong Sudarsono 26pts
    • 47 Robert Smith 24pts
    • 47 Steve Webb 24pts
    • 49 Martin Greskovic 22pts
    • 49 Monika Marczak 22pts

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