Round 5: Structure

In our round 5 we ask you to consider the meaning of the word ?Structure?. Traditionally, this suggests architecture, and for this round you may want to dust off your wideangle lenses and frame the panorama of tall buildings in your nearest metropolis. Maybe you?re more driven to explore provincial churches, Roman ruins or the support beams in your ceiling. Structure is everywhere and has no maximum height.

That said, ?Structure? is not limited to architecture. Perhaps you have taken a stunning wildlife photo on holiday that depicts the hierarchy in a group of chimpanzees. Maybe the postures and expressions of councillors reveal who is in charge at your local council meetings. Give it some thought. Wherever there is order, there is structure.

The closing date for APOY Round 5 entries is 27 June. See AP 7 June for an entry form.

First Prize

Samsung?s new flagship GX-20 body, worth £650, a 12-24mm wideangle lens, worth £549, and a 10-17mm fisheye lens, worth £329. In total, the winner will receive kit worth nearly £1,600.

Second Prize

Samsung GX-20 standard kit, worth £700. Included in the standard kit is the GX-20 camera body and an 18-55mm standard lens. The GX-20 boasts 14.6 million effective pixels, on-sensor dust removal, wireless flash, post-capture HDR, pixel mapping, a top ISO of 6400 and a wide range of white balance options.

Third Prize

Samsung NV24HD compact digital camera, worth £249.99. The 10.2-megapixel NV24HD boasts a 24-86mm (equivalent) wideangle zoom lens, optical image stabilisation, face, blink and smile detection, HD video capability, a wide range of shooting modes and Samsung?s new organic LED screen (OLED)