Round 9 Not My Life

In round 9 we are asking you to observe how your fellow man lives. This could take many forms, from travel photography to reportage. Perhaps you captured a stunning example of some faraway culture on a photo holiday abroad. Or maybe you want to explore closer to home. Does the neighbouring village have some strange festival you?ve always been curious about? Does your grandmother live a life in her care home that is largely unknown to you?

In this round we want you to go back to basics and think about one of the first things you learned as a photographer: spotting a good picture. Keen observation is essential this time, so look for the decisive moment that says it all and make sure you have your camera ready! Wait for the right expression or display of emotion to reveal itself, and you will elevate your image from snapshot to powerful reportage. Tell us the story of somebody else.

The closing date for APOY Round 9 entries is 24 October. See AP 4 Oct for an entry form.

Round 9: Not My Life

First Prize

Samsung?s GX-20 twin-lens kit, consisting of the 18-55mm standard lens and a 50-200mm lens, worth £999. The winner also receives a 10-17mm fisheye lens, worth £329, an SEF-36 PFZ flash, worth £299, and a grip, worth £150.

Second Prize

Samsung GX-20 standard kit, worth £700. Included in the standard kit is the GX-20 camera body and an 18-55mm standard lens. The GX-20 boasts 14.6 million effective pixels, on-sensor dust removal, wireless flash, post-capture HDR, pixel mapping, a top ISO of 6400 and a wide range of white balance options

Third Prize

Samsung NV24HD compact digital camera, worth £249.99. The 10.2-megapixel NV24HD boasts a 24-86mm (equivalent) wideangle zoom lens, optical image stabilisation, face, blink and smile detection, HD video capability, a wide range of shooting modes

and Samsung?s new organic LED screen (OLED)