Round 7: Motion

Round 7 of APOY 2008 is Motion, but before you get started with this challenging round, it?s best to think about technique. Are you going to a car race? Perhaps you want to try panning with your camera by tracking your subject, pressing the shutter and moving your camera with its movement. Other things to remember are setting your camera to take continuous shots, or maybe long exposures with the self-timer to capture human or light trails.

As in prior rounds, there are many ways to interpret motion. At that car race you?ll find automobiles speeding around the track, but if you were sitting in one of the driver?s seats how would the world outside your windscreen appear? Meanwhile, some motion is almost imperceptible, yet with patience and a long exposure you can capture the earth?s rotation in the stars. Think about how things move and how you might move along with them.

The closing date for APOY Round 7 entries is is 29 August. See AP 2 August for an entry form.

First Prize

Samsung?s new flagship GX-20 twin-lens kit, consisting of the 18-55mm standard lens and a 50-200mm lens, worth £999. The winner will also receive an SEF-54 PFZ flash, worth £299, and a spare battery, worth £50.

Second Prize

Samsung GX-20 standard kit, worth £700. Included in the standard kit is the GX-20 camera body and an 18-55mm standard lens. The GX-20 boasts 14.6 million effective pixels, on-sensor dust removal, wireless flash, post-capture HDR, pixel mapping, a top ISO of 6400 and a wide range of white balance options.

Third Prize

Samsung NV24HD compact digital camera, worth £249.99. The 10.2-megapixel NV24HD boasts a 24-86mm (equivalent) wideangle zoom lens, optical image stabilisation, face, blink and smile detection, HD video capability, a wide range of shooting modes and Samsung?s new organic LED screen (OLED).