There are so many different types and models of camera to choose from, it can be a minefield trying to decide which is the best camera to buy. Hopefully our range of buying guides, round ups and reviews can help make your decision easier.

Here are some of the main camera buying guides, updated regularly that you might find particularly of use…

Trying to decide what kind of camera to buy?

Top tips for deciding what camera to buy

For the newcomer to photography deciding what camera to buy is not necessarily a straightforward business. Here, Amateur Photographer editor Damien Demolder explains a few of the things you need to consider when looking for the best camera to buy.

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Best cameras of 2013 so far

Read our round up of the best cameras of 2013, so far! We’ll be updating this list with new launches so keep checking back to make sure you know which is the most exciting camera of 2013…

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Looking for a compact or compact system camera

Best compact cameras of 2013

What if you could get all the powers and functionality of a DSLR in a camera that could fit in your pocket? We reveal the best compact cameras for photographers looking for the best of both worlds…

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Best compact system cameras 2013

If you want the power and functionaility of a DSLR, but the size and ease of use of a compact, then a compact system camera could be for you. The growing sector means there are plenty to choose from, here’s AP’s pick of the best compact system camera of 2013…

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Best bridge cameras of 2013

Bridge cameras offer the flexibility of a range of lenses, in a compact and easy to use body. The zoom lengths available can be mammoth, but we reveal the other features you should look for to ensure you buy the best bridge camera for you…

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Best underwater cameras of 2013

Going on holiday and need a camera that will stand up to a dip in the pool? Or do you have kids that put your gadgets through the mill? Underwater and tough compact cameras are the best solution for those challenging situations. If you want a rugged, tough and underwater camera for your travels, look no further than our round up of the best underwater camera…

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Camera reviews

Found a camera that you are considering buying? Read a review of it before you buy, by searching for it in our camera reviews section.

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Looking for a DSLR

Best enthusiast DSLRs of 2013

Enthusiast DSLRs offer the best features of pro spec cameras, but with a lower price tag and features of consumer models. Whether you want weather sealed body, full frame sensor or a tiltable screen, there’s an enthusiast DSLR for you…

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Best professional DSLRs

These DSLRs are high end, professional models. Powerful tools, these cameras, in the right hands, can produce stunning images in challenging conditions. We round up the best DSLRs at the professional end of the spectrum…

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DSLR reviews

Found a DSLR that you are considering buying? Read a review of it before you buy, by searching for it in our camera reviews section.

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Looking for a lens

Fast telephoto zoom lenses

The fast, full-frame 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto zoom is a very popular lens, especially with photojournalists and wedding, portrait and event photographers. We test five of the best proprietary and third-party versions…

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Lens reviews

Found a lens that you are considering buying? Read a review of it before you buy, by searching for it in our camera reviews section.

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On a budget

Second hand camera buying guide – what to look for

Second-hand camera equipment can be a great bargain, but how do you know that the camera you’re looking at has been well-treated by its previous owner? Here’s our second hand buying guide suggesting a few things to look out for to find the best camera to buy…

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Classic digital cameras round up

The early days of digital imaging saw significant changes with each model. Over the past few years, however, changes have become less extreme and, looking back, past models are still very usable. We try out four classic digital cameras that were highly desirable in their time to see if their second-hand prices still make them viable options…

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Best DSLRs for under £500

If you want to get all the features of a DSLR, but are shopping on a budget, then look no further. Our round up of the best DSLRs for under £500 considers the budget, as well as the features and image quality on offer. Here’s how they fare..

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Lenses for less than £60

The best lenses are the most expensive lenses, right? Well, yes and no. While the latest technology doesn’t come cheap, there are still bargains to be had. Richard Sibley looks at just what you can find for £60 or less…

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Last-generation lenses

When a lens is updated, the maker tends to tweak the handling and
performance rather than carrying out a major transformation, leaving the
older model to become a bargain in its second-hand form. We’ve chosen some excellent discontinued lenses that cost a lot less than their replacements yet are often a match in optical quality…
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