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Q- Do I need advanced computer skills?

A- Not at all! Basic knowledge of computers is an advantage when completing one of our courses, but is not compulsory. You also have the option of completing the course via postal submissions.

Q- Are there any age limitations?

A- Of course not. The age of our students vary. The content of our courses have been designed to suit anyone of any age and ability.

Q- How do I contact my tutor?

A- Our team of experienced photographers are always on hand to provide constant support. Whether you have a question about an assignment or just a general question, you’ll find your tutor happy to help at anytime.

Q- Will I receive a certificate upon completion of my course?

A- Once you have completed your course, you’ll receive a certificate in your graduation pack, we encourage you to display it with pride!  Your certificate will outline what course you undertook along with a percentage grade.

Q- What if the course is not for me?

A- Good news, we offer a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course, just notify us within 10 days and we’ll refund you. If you’d prefer, you can also opt to enrol on a different course more suited to your needs.

Q – The module book says I need to submit only jpegs, but I shoot in RAW.  What should I do?

A – We encourage students to shoot in whatever format they feel most comfortable with.  If you shoot in RAW then this is fine (and often recommended), but you need to edit and then save your images as jpegs for submission.  Please don’t send RAW files as they are too big and the different formats of RAW can cause complications.  It should also be noted that some of the modules (depending which course you are doing) require you to shoot in Jpeg.  Basically, if the module features any form of in-camera processing (such as sharpening, white balance, etc) then you need to shoot in jpeg, otherwise the settings on your camera won’t apply to the RAW image.

Q – I only have a basic SLR with a kit lens.  Can I complete everything set out in the module book, or will I need to buy a better camera?

A – You can easily complete everything required in the module book with a basic SLR and a kit zoom lens.  Even more advanced compact cameras will allow you to have enough control to tackle most of our courses.  If you want to buy a new camera/lens, then this is also fine, but if you are not sure where to spend your money, you might want to quickly check with your tutor for advice.

Q – The module book refers to lots of Photoshop features which my version doesn’t have.  Why is this?

A – There are so many different versions of Photoshop, not to mention all the other image editing platforms, that it is not possible to write a generic template to cover all options.  If you find you are unable to complete a module due to software limitations, you might want to look into downloading add-ons which allow you more control, or failing this, try downloading the free alternative to Photoshop – Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program).  This should give you all the control you need, but accessing the features will be different to what is described in the book.  If all else fails, then complete what you can and explain why you couldn’t do everything.

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