1. Look Lock system

Inspired presumably by the Samsung Clown-Cam, this camera-mounted iPhone holder allows you to use your phone to hypnotise your offspring long enough to snap a picture of them looking politely bewildered.

2. Stabilizer Strap

While this stomach-mounted camera holder is by no means a bad idea, the downside is that it’s difficult to pull off with a reasonable measure of dignity, as the chap above ably demonstrates. Admittedly the shorts aren’t helping.

3. Cloak Camera Bag

‘The Cloak is not a camera bag — in fact you shouldn’t even call it one,’ says Photojojo, on a page called ‘Cloak Camera Bag‘.

What’s different about this product is that the bottom can be quickly removed, allowing you to shoot straight through it, as demonstrated. This, purportedly, saves valuable time.

4. Lomography’s Colorsplash Flash

Obligatory Lomography entry: the Coloursplash Flash is essentially a rotating set of coloured flashes. For £35 you too can make your pictures look as if they were taken in a Blackpool Laserquest circa 1998.

5. Bottle cap tripod mount

They say necessity is the mother of invention. But not always.

6. H3Pro10 HD

Like most people, I own ten GoPros, and I resent the hell out of the fact that I can’t find a way to consistently use all of them at once. For a mere $745, this problem is now solved forever.

7. Blackrapid Double Strap

Is it possible to wear two cameras on your person at once without being openly heckled in the street? Find out!

8. Camcuff

Peak Design Cuff just not punk enough for you? Fear not, Camcuff has you covered.

9. The Super-Secret Spy Lens

Stick this on the front of your lens and a combination of a cut-out on one side and a precision mirror assembly within allows you to clandestinely shoot at a right-angle. It even swivels, allowing you to shoot left, right, up, or down at will. People won’t think you’re weird, probably.

10. Kenko Filter Stick

A relatively inexpensive way to make your camera look like a high society type from the 19th Century, the Kenko Filter Stick allows you to hold any 58mm filter up to your lens like a lorgnette. Fancy!

11. Hoocap

Lens cap, opens out, becomes lens hood. The initial reviews indicate they might have a little way to go before this one catches on.

12. Bounce-wall

It’s a portable reflector card on a giant flexible arm that sticks out of your camera like a tentacle, and it can smell fear.

13. Bokeh Masters Kit

Make creative bokeh shapes with this kit of discs that attach to the front of your lens. Simply stick one on and you’re all ready to surround R2-D2 with ethereal envelopes, if you’re into that.

A number of discs are purposefully blank to allow you to cut whatever shape you want, but before you suggest the inevitable you should know that someone has beaten you to it.

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