We’ve made one journey into the world of vintage camera ads already, but what we found was so brilliant we couldn’t resist another.

1. Polaroid’s terrifying, possibly imaginary clown


The Polaroid 1000 may have been the ‘world’s simplest camera’, but that’s of small comfort when an inexplicable clown appears next to you every time your finger hovers near the shutter button.

Also, given that the children in the photo look happy rather than horrified, it’s entirely possible that this little girl is in fact the only person who can see the clown. Watch the ad again with this in mind and it becomes a good deal more disturbing.

2. Hugh Laurie is usurped by the automated brilliance of Polaroid

The worst part is when Hugh lets them convince him to get rid of his studio lights in favour of the Polaroid’s on-camera flash. No, Hugh. No.

3. The power of Polaroid reunites child with lost dog

We would say that this must surely be the most nauseating camera ad ever made, but we’re actually just getting started.

4. Children dance with Father Christmas while singing to the glory of Kodak


5. The worst thing ever made by humans (Kodak America)


(All right, technically it’s a film ad but still worth including if only for the moment when Kodak film gives someone the power to shake hands with a man in a wheelchair. Could he not do that before?)

6. A Japanese Asahi Pentax ad defies description

Nothing we say can adequately prepare you for this one.

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