1. Kevin Spacey makes no sense on behalf of the Olympus PEN

Five years on and we’re still not sure what the phrase ‘Camera ciao, picture wow’ means. If anyone does know please contact us. It’s eating us alive.

2. The Spice Cam

Back in their heyday there really was nothing the Spice Girls would not endorse. This extended to Polaroid cameras – in fact a pink ‘Spice Cam’ was produced in their name, and sold to people. For money.

They produced, naturally, a few TV ads for the cause. The standout moment in this one starts at 0:40, where one of the girls’ photos appears to be so heinous that it makes a nun vomit. Polaroids, eh?

3. Lady Gaga launches Polaroid camera, printer, insane camera glasses

Polaroid’s dalliances with popstars did not end there, however. In 2011 the firm announced a collaboration with none other than Lady Gaga, launching a ‘GL’ line comprising an instant printer, an Instant Digital Camera and, most triumphantly, the GL20 camera glasses.

With a built-in camera and dual LCDs, this wearable tech was unveiled to great fanfare but, sadly, sank without a trace not long after.

4. will.i.am turns an iPhone into a camera or something

Be honest: you want to spend £199 on making your iPhone sort of (but not really) act like a point and shoot camera. We all do. will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas certainly thinks we do.

That’s why he pioneered the Foto.Sosho. It is, probably, a fashion accessory thing for your iPhone, one that gives it a shutter button and pop-up flash and allows it to upload photos to a network that’s sort of like (but isn’t) Instagram. For almost £200. Bargain.

5. Andre Agassi’s mullet shills for Canon

This 1990 advert for the EOS Rebel S packs so much awkward into 15 short seconds that it’s difficult to know where to start.

There’s shirtless Andre Agassi throwing something off-camera while being sprayed by a hose. His uncomfortable shrug when asked what the ‘image of a rebel’ is. The omnipresent Agassi mullet. The ‘disapproving schoolteacher’ delivery of ‘Image… is everything’.

At least after this the camera industry learned not to entrust the delivery of its all-important slogans to tennis stars…

6. Everyone loves Maria Sharapova’s dog

Oh. Never mind.

7. Pink-haired Avril Lavigne photographs her pink trunk of pink things with her pink camera

The commitment to the theme is admirable, at least.

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