Facebook is an incredibly useful tool for keeping up with your friends and family, but for photographers, it’s also a great place to gather together tips, inspiration and technique ideas.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Facebook photography pages we could find for you to follow – let us know your favourites in the comments box below.

1. Lara Jade Photography

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.03.07

Followers: 602k
Subject: Fashion and portraits
Account: Lara Jade Photography

British fashion photographer Lara Jade is almost as famous as some of the faces she photographs. Based in New York City, she specialises in advertising, fashion and portraiture and her Facebook page is filled with tips, tricks and peeks at her latest shoots. She often uses the Facebook live feature to give tutorials.

2. Lisa Devlin Photography

Lisa Devlin Photography

Followers: 3.4k
Subject: Weddings
Account: Lisa Devlin Photography 

Extremely successful wedding photographer Lisa Devlin has a fantastic page which showcases her latest inspirational work, and is ideal for any budding wedding or portrait photographers to follow to get ideas for how to take beautiful and memorable wedding and couple images.

3. Elena Kalis Underwater Photography

Elena Kalis Photography

Followers: 247k
Subject: Underwater portraits
Account: Elena Kalis Underwater Photography  

Based in the Bahamas, Elena Kalis’ surreal and awe-inspiring images are just what you need to escape from the mundanity of the 9-5 when flicking through your Facebook feed. She photographs portraits underwater, which may be something you’ll never do yourself but is inspirational all the same.

4. World Photography Organisation

World Photography Organisation

Followers: 352k
Subject: Miscellaneous
Account: World Photography Organisation

If you like photography and want inspiration from all corners of the globe, across all different types of subject, then the World Photography Organisation is one of the best accounts you can follow. Describing itself as a community for all who share a passion for photography, it also organises the Sony World Photography Awards, an extremely prestigious award. Posts highlight different photographers from around the world with subjects to interest pretty much anybody.

5. Humans of New York

Humans of New York

Followers: 18m
Subject: Portraits
Account: Humans of New York 

Established in 2010, Humans of New York showcases the stories of some of the 8 million inhabitants of America’s biggest city. It has spawned two photography books and the page is where you’ll find new stories every week. Each story is accompanied by a portrait, which really give you a flavour of the diversity of this fantastic city. A perfect example of how a community project can develop and grow over time, this is interesting not just to New Yorkers or Americans, but is a fascinating insight into human life for everybody.

6. Aspire Photography Training

Aspire Photography Training

Followers: 9k
Subject: Miscellaneous
Account: Aspire Photography Training 

Established by professional photographer Catherine Connor back in 2000, Aspire is a great page to follow if you’re looking for trips, tricks and perhaps have the inclination to take a photography course one day. Even if you’re a well-established photographer, you’ll probably be able to learn something from Aspire and the posts highlight advice as well as alerting you to new and upcoming courses you can join.

7. Time Lightbox

Time Lightbox

Followers: 590k
Subject: Photojournalism
Account: Time Lightbox

Some of the world’s best and most interesting photojournalism can be found on the pages of Time magazine. Based in New York, the iconic magazine’s photographic Facebook page is a very regularly updated look at  recent features, what’s happening in the photo department and new images from the photographers that the magazine works with. If you like gritty and award-winning photojournalism, this is a must-follow.

8. Andy Rouse Photography

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.22.18

Followers: 74k
Subject: Wildlife
Account: Andy Rouse Photography

One of the UK’s most respect wildlife photographers, this is the page to follow if your passion is also animals and wildlife photography. Andy regularly shares images from his travels across the globe, featuring some of the world’s most exotic wild animals.