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The Nikon Z Series has already proven itself to be a fantastic system – now it’s time to unleash the power of the next generation. Nikon has listened to wide-ranging feedback to develop models that are more robust and powerful than ever before. The Nikon Z 6II is the first to go on sale – it’s available to buy now.

Nikon Z 6II: Why upgrade now?

The two new models in Nikon’s Z range represent an exciting new era in Nikon mirrorless technology. The new generation have evolved from hugely popular models (Z 6 and Z 7) making them the best they’ve ever been.

There’s never been a better time to make the transition from DSLR to mirrorless. Don’t forget, existing Nikon DSLR owners can use their existing lenses via an adapter.

No matter which camera you’re using now, here are just a few key reasons why the Z 6II should be top of your shopping list.

Fantastic image quality

Both the Z 6II and the Z7 II now boast dual Expeed 6 image processors, bringing with them a range of improvements to image quality, AF and buffer capacity. With this upgrade, you’ll get breath-taking photographs, superb low-light shooting and versatile video capabilities.

Fast frame rate

Make sure those key moments are captured like never before with faster frame rates for the Z 6II and the Z 7II. The Z 6II brings 14fps shooting to the Z Series for the first time.

With up to 200 JPEGs or an amazing 112 RAW shots possible in a single burst, it’s the ideal camera for animals, children, wildlife, sport and action – anything that moves.

Dual card slots

A key piece of feedback from the previous generation – Nikon understands just how important peace of mind is for every photographer.

With dual card slots (UHS-II SD and XQD/CFExpress) you can improve your workflow and back up your shots with ease. Record RAW files to one card and JPEGs to the other, or have stills recorded to one card and video to the other.

Simply put, it’s the best of both worlds.

Better video specs

It’s not just stills the Z 6II is ideal for. Video-makers can rely on 4K HD and Full HD in both FX and DX-based movie formats, at frame rates up to 60p – a first for the Z Series (please note 60p won’t be available until February 2021 via a firmware upgrade).

HLG shooting formats, meanwhile, preserve more detail, dynamic range and contrast – minimising the time you need to spend in post-processing. There’s also improved Eye-Detection and Animal-Eye Detection AF for super-quick focusing during video recording.

Nikon Z Series: An award-winning and versatile range

The Nikon Z 6II is just one model in a family of fantastic cameras, designed to meet the needs of every photographer.

An award-winning range of models from beginner-friendly options like the small and portable Nikon Z 50 all the way up to professional-level models like the Nikon Z 7 and the Nikon Z 7II means no matter where you are in your photographic journey, there’s something for you.

Not only that, but the Z lens range goes from strength to strength with new lenses regularly added to the line-up. A trinity of f/2.8 optics (14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm) perfectly complement the Z 6II and are just three examples of the wide coverage that Nikon Z lenses can offer.

Beyond that, F-mount (DSLR) lenses can be used with the FTZ mount adapter, opening up a whole world of compatible optics and making the transition easy for existing DSLR owners.

Nikon Z6 II: see the results for yourself

To show off the prowess of the stunning new Z 6II, professional photographer Marion Payr took the camera to the Alps for a test drive.

She was able to capture these beautiful scenes at sunrise – a moment that passes with the blink of an eye. With an extremely limited time frame in which to ensure she got the shot, using the Z 6II allowed Marion to react quickly to the changing light.

Fast autofocus, an extensive ISO range and a reliable high-resolution EVF (electronic viewfinder) saw her photograph this dramatic scene without limitations on her creativity.

The Z6 II is available to buy now from all leading camera specialists and select high-street retailers.

Discover more at the Nikon website.