Photoshop Challege

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Photoshop whizz, then why not take the Photoshop Challenge? All you have to do is to download our start image above (click for full size) and then let your creativity run wild, transforming this shot into something much more unusual.

The only rules are that you don’t breach anyone’s copyright, so if you want to combine the start image with any other shot, it has to be yours or you have permission to use it (there are a host of affordable stock libraries out there, feel free to make use of them). Otherwise, you can do what you like – cut it out, transform it, use multiple layers, change the colours… it really is up to you.

Once you’ve finished, upload it to our Photoshop Challenge gallery and we’ll pick our favourite. The closing date is 14 January 2015, and the winner will receive a year’s digital subscription to AP. See here for help on uploading a photo.