Like most things in life, Twitter is as good as you make it. If your feed isn’t particularly inspiring, it’s because you’re not following particularly inspiring people. Fortunately, that’s easy to remedy.

The photo world has its fair share of people who are good value on Twitter. Here are a few who have stood out for us throughout 2014: six great photo experts and  photographers to follow on Twitter.

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1. @Photocritic

@photocriticFollowers: 55,000+

Haje Jan Kamps has not only produced several popular photography books, but he has
also masterminded crowdfunding successes such as Triggertrap. As such, he’s well up to date on the latest crowdfunding projects.

2. @benlowy

@benlowyFollowers: 11,000+

We interviewed Ben Lowy for our feature on using iPhones for professional photography (AP 1 November), and he told us how he uploads a photo to his blog every day. He wasn’t kidding. Keeping up with him on Twitter could be the kick up the backside you need if you’re not taking enough photos.

3. @chrisfloyduk

@chrisfloydFollowers: 6,300+

Never short of an opinion, editorial and advertising photographer Chris Floyd is good fun to follow. Recently, he collected stories of the most ridiculous retouching demands made of professional photographers, using the hashtag #retouchtales.

4. @chasejarvis

@chasejarvisFollowers: 284,000+

Photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur – Chase Jarvis does a lot. Following him gets you great pictures, interesting blog posts and regular updates of all his adventures.

5. @LaraJade_

@larajade_Followers: 94,000+

British fashion photographer Lara Jade travels the planet on various glamorous jobs. She runs regular workshops in locations around the world and often asks her followers to suggest where she should go next.

6. @JoeMcNallyPhoto

@JoeMcNallyPhotoFollowers: 193,000+

Legendary photojournalist and lighting expert Joe McNally posts regular updates from his blog and sample shots from the latest Nikon kit (he’s a Nikon ambassador).