‘Untitled 2’ © Sara Naomi Lewkowicz. From series ‘Shane and Maggie’

As Sony announces US photographer Sara Naomi Lewkowicz as the winner of the Sony World Photography Awards 2014, take a look at some of the other honourees from across all the professional categories:

‘Porte de la Chapelle’ © Ludovic Maillard. Winner: Architecture – Professional Competition. Exchanger Gate of the Paris’s Boulevard P riph rique at the Porte de la Chapelle. From series: ‘Typology of concrete’

‘Ein Zeitim’ (olive spring) © Roei Greenberg. Winner: Landscape – Professional Competition. This camping site in the Galilei is named after a kibbutz which was built north of the Arab village Ein al-Zeitun, both establishments where abandoned in the 1948 war. Series name: ‘Israeli Landscape 2013’

‘Dancing Like a Woman’ © Viviana Peretti. Winner: Arts & Culture – Professional Competition. Colombian drag queen and Miss Bambuco Gay 2012 in the dressing room at a gay bar in Bogota few minutes before the beginning of the National Bambuco Gay Pageant 2013. From series: ‘Dancing Like a Woman’

‘Ruby Walsh’ © Spencer Murphy. Winner: Campaign – Professional Competition. From series: ‘Channel 4 Racing – The Original Extreme Sport’

‘Light Projection 3’ © Thomas Brummett. Winner: Conceptual – Professional Competition. Silver gelatin prints made without camera or film, and without placing anything onto the paper (so not technically photograms). From series: ‘Light Projections’

‘Women watch police fire tear gas canisters close to where they are standing. Gezi Park, Istanbul’ © Guy Martin. Winner: Current Affairs – Professional Competition. From series: #GeziPark

‘Untitled’ © Ricardo Teles. Winner: Travel – Professional Competition. Food production is a global challenge. Grain production in Brazil has been growing rapidly, setting records year after year due to expansion of plantation areas and better farming techniques. However, investments in infrastructure mainly related to transportation did not follow the rhythm of the increased production growth. The transportation of grains is done almost entirely by trucks that run over two thousand. From series: ‘Roads of Grains’

‘Untitled’ © Salvatore Di Gregorio. Winner: Sport – Professional Competition. Kushti, traditional wrestling on red clay, is an ancient art of fighting that goes back to the 5th century BC and practiced in India, Pakistan and Iran. Kushti imposes a harsh practice and strict rules on the wrestlers, some of whom start training as young as 5 years old. The practitioners often come from poor backgrounds, to them fighting in the arena means the chance to win a better life and money to support their families. From series: ‘Red Kushti: an old fight’

‘Garden Stories’ © Amanda Harman. Winner: Still Life – Professional Competition. Nectarine blossom in the glasshouse, Tyntesfield. From series: ‘Garden Stories, Hidden Labours’

‘Untitled’ © Myriam Meloni. Winner: Lifestyle – Professional Competition. In the Republic of Moldova, the poorest country in Eastern Europe over 100,000 children are growing up without their parents, that are working abroad. They are social orphans raised by their grandparents, neighbours or placed in ramshackle orphanages originally built to host orphans from the II World War. From series: ‘Behind the absence’

‘Untitled’ © Michael Nichols. Winner: Nature/Wildlife – Professional Competition. Nearly a century ago, there were as many as two hundred thousand lions in Africa. Today, the most recent surveys estimate that there are fewer than thirty thousand wild lions. From series: ‘The Short Happy Life of a Serengeti Lion’

‘Untitled’ © Mario Wezel. Winner: People – Professional Competition. Emmy is five years old. With her parents Martin and Karina and her younger brother Kristian, she lives in the countryside close to Aarhus, in the middle of Denmark. For half a year she has been attending the local kindergarten now. Her parents had to fight with the municipality to find the right spot for Emmy. They realized that inclusion seems not to be the most normal thing in Denmark. From series: ‘One in eight hundred’

‘Wet Dog 8’ © Sophie Gamand. Winner: Portraitre – Professional Competition. Caught mid-bath, a Wet Dog tries to save the last bit of dignity he has. From series: ‘Wet Dog’