1. A GoPro sees the inside workings of a dishwasher

Admit it: you’ve always been curious about what goes on in there. No longer!

2. A GoPro falls from a plane, is chewed by pig

When you find a GoPro camera in your pig pen what do you do? Answer: obviously you watch what’s been recorded on it. In this case it turned out to be a camera surviving an unexpected descent from an plane and landing directly in the path of a hungry pig. It appears that GoPros are inedible.

3. A GoPro casually outruns an avalanche

The two gentlemen involved here handle this turn of events with a lot more composure than most people probably would.

4. A GoPro takes a tour of the capital of North Korea

A rare glimpse of the secretive state’s capital of Pyongyang, courtesy of Singaporean Aram Pang and the GoPro Hero 3+ strapped to his forehead. It’s eerie how deserted the streets of such a populous city seem to be.

5. A GoPro rides the world’s largest paper airplane

The record-breaking paper airplane, called the Artruro Desert Eagle, soars over the Arizona desert in this spectacular footage. The 45-foot aircraft is capable of reaching incredible speeds of 95mph, which puts that time you got one all the way across the classroom at school into perspective.

6. A GoPro hangs out on the forehead of an MMA fighter

Ever been curious about what it’s like to be repeatedly punched in the face by someone who knows mixed martial arts? No, obviously not, but now you can find out anyway.

7. A GoPro rides a swing with the world’s most adorable baby


8. A GoPro rides along on a high-speed police chase, gets perpetrator arrested

Your friends here at AP do not advocate or encourage getting involved in high-speed chases with the police, under any circumstances.

But if you find you simply must, then at least have the sense not to record it on your GoPro and upload it to YouTube. That, it turns out, doesn’t end well.

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