It probably won’t surprise you to learn that here at AP, people tend to send us quite a lot of images.

To be fair, generally we’ve asked for them. Whether it’s for our yearly Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition, our regular Reader Portfolios, our Masterclasses, our Forum Competition or whatever else we’ve dreamed up that week, we love being reminded again and again of just how talented our readers are.

As it’s our 130th anniversary this year, and our celebratory issue is in shops now (hint), we thought it high time to pay tribute to the amazing images our readers have sent us. So, in keeping with the theme, here is a selection of 130 from the past few years that the team has especially loved. Competition winners, Editor’s choices and a few of our personal favourites are all here – if you’ve ever sent us an image, there’s a chance you’re in here too!

If you fancy being on the list in ten years’ time when we put together our 140 favourite reader images, here are some relevant links for the channels through which we received most of these images:

Amateur Photographer of the Year.

Reader Portfolio (formerly Reader Spotlight).

Forum competition.

And finally, head here to find out more about our special 130th anniversary issue.