In a blog, Adobe’s chief security officer Brad Arkin said that the attack affects 2.9 million Adobe customers.

Arkin said he did not believe that the attackers had been able to access customers’ encrypted debit and credit card numbers.

However, he believes they removed information including customer order details and debit and credit card expiration dates.

‘We deeply regret that this incident has occurred. We are working diligently internally, as well as with external partners and law enforcement, to address the incident,’ Arkin wrote.

Abode says it will send an email to customers whose user names and passwords were involved in the cyber attack.

Arkin said Adobe has also reset the passwords of affected customers.

‘We are in the process of notifying customers whose debit and credit card information we believe to be involved in the incident.’

At the same time, Adobe says it has also launched a probe into ‘illegal access to source code of numerous Adobe products’.

It is not clear how many UK customers are affected. Adobe has yet to respond to Amateur Photographer‘s request for comment, made earlier today.