The pack shot for Adobe Lightroom 6. Source: Adorama

The new version of Adobe’s software is available either as part of a Creative Cloud package, referred to as Lightroom CC, or as a standalone perpetual-licence Lightroom 6 package.

However, it appears that the standalone version may lack certain features such as the ability to sychronise photos with Adobe’s mobile apps.

This latest version of Lightroom is equipped with face recognition and tagging facilities.


It is also claimed that Lightroom 6/CC boasts significant speed upgrades on its predecessor: Adobe has said that advancements could speed the program up by as much as ten times for some users.

The Adobe Lightroom 6 standalone package has also appeared at online retailer Adorama, priced $149.

A video on the Adobe YouTube channel provides some details on the facial recognition functionality included in Lightroom CC. Watch below:

HDR merges can also be created directly in the new Lightroom by combining multiple images captured at different exposure settings.

There’s also a merge mode for stitching together multiple images to create panoramic shots. Both this mode and HDR merge even allow for creation of DNG raw files.

There’s also an improved slideshow function, allowing for quick creation of slick presentations including video and audio.

And there will be plenty of other advancements too. Adobe released a ‘hidden gems’ video detailing some of the extra bonuses.

Adobe Lightroom CC will be available as part of the Creative Cloud Photography package, or in the standalone Lightroom 6 version.