The latest versions focus on automating and guiding users through the creative process.

Photoshop Elements 13 includes new Photomerge Compose, designed to make copying elements of an image from one photo to another as easy as ‘copy and paste’.

There is also a feature that combines a Facebook profile photo with text and graphics to help a Facebook page stand out.

And Adobe has added three new Guided Edits, enabling photographers to add ‘pops of colour’, for example, to black & white photos.

Meanwhile, the Intelligent Crop Suggestions tool recommends four different crops after automatically analysing faces, horizons and other picture elements.

Adobe claims that videographers can reduce the time they spend trimming footage using the Favourite Moments tool in Premier Elements 13.

Favourite Moments is designed to mark the best parts of a video clip and combine them into a short movie, ready for sharing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and Premier Elements 13 cost £81.08 each. Upgrades cost £63.43.

They are also available as a bundle for £122.11 (combined upgrades cost £100.61).

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