The Wave & Wilderness tripods feature legs with special seals designed to prevent ingress of dust and water. Prices start at £599.99, with aluminium versions due to join the range soon. Sirui has also updated its Travel TOX line with two new models, weighing from 930g (priced from £169.99). Also new from Sirui are two new video monopods with a ‘stand spider’ and a new tilt head, the L-20S, said to be useful for panoramic photos.


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New Technology and Products from SIRUI

Enjoying growing recognition as a brand manufacturer of premium quality photo and video supports, SIRUI has announced an exciting new range of adventure-proof tripods, and new models in existing popular lines. 

Wave & Wilderness Series (W-Series)

Anyone that has used a tripod for shooting in harsh environments knows that salt water and dust are the two biggest enemies of mechanical locking mechanisms on a tripod. SIRUI has engineered an innovative, solution to this otherwise unanswered problem.
The legs employ a set of special seals, preventing the ingress of dust and water. Coupled with the beautifully crafted, CNC cut, forged aluminium casting that SIRUI is famous for, the Wave & Wilderness series can be used submerged to its shoulders in water or in dusty environments while delivering exceptional stability.
Raising the bar for stability even further, SIRUI also re-engineered the carbon fibre tubes used in this new series. Employing new compound technologies, two further layers have been added to create a ten-layer carbon tube, bringing even better levels of rigidity and robustness – a characteristic for which SIRUI is already renowned.
Besides great engineering, extra functionality comes by quickly and easily converting one of the tripod legs to a monopod. Extra height can be added by attaching the patented central column. With no need to remove the head from the main stand, rapid set-up is easily achieved.
SIRUI products are engineered to give many years of use, and the brand recognises that the ability to service and maintain is a key factor in longevity. The Wave & Wilderness series is very easily cleaned after heavy use in harsh environments. All parts are carefully formed and marked to enable disassembly, cleaning and to be put back together quickly. Complete sets of seals and lubricants are available in sets from photo retailers.
Ensuring you have all that you need “out of the box” The Wave & Wilderness series is supplied with an impressive accessory set as standard. The attached rubber feet are great for use on hard surfaces, while the supplied spikes are perfect for adding traction on softer ground. A protective padded carry bag is also included, as well as a comfortable strap making it easier to carry and take care of your tripod – all extras you would expect to pay for with “big” brands.
The W Series are available at £599,99 (W-1204) and £699.99 (W-2204) MSRP in good photo stores, with aluminium versions due to join the range soon.

New Travel Tripods

Besides the Wave & Wilderness line, SIRUI has enhanced its popular Travel T0X line with two new models, aimed at those needing a lightweight, compact travel tripod without compromising stability.

The latest generations of high resolution cameras can really expose camera shake, and therefore any flaws in the stability of tripods. Building on the success of previous models, the new units incorporate SIRUI’s famous CNC precision engineered, forged aluminium construction. This construction adds extra strength and allows us to add a retractable centre column function with no loss in stability. – a feature our customers asked for.

Weighing in from just 930g, with an increase in maximum working height to 147cm and an incredible compact closed size of 40 cm, this is the ultimate travel companion and ideal when travelling “carry-on only”.
Aluminium versions (T-004X) are available in black, red and blue, the tripod is supplied with a C-10X ball head in matching colour with Arca-style QR plate and a slim carrying bag at from £169.99, with the 8-layer carbon version (T-024X) from £269.99 from all good photo stores.

New Video Monopods with Stand Spider

Following the success of PS series Video Monopods launched in 2013, SIRUI has added two new models to the line-up, the P-326S and P-426S.

Both models feature the new 10-layer carbon tubes in 6-sections, allowing compact pack sizes of 56cm and 58cm, while extending to 150cm and 159cm working height respectively.

The new models feature a further refined version of the floor spider, which incorporates a patented limiting system with variable friction control.
Both PS monopods are available immediately for £349.99 (P-326S) or £439.99 (P-424S) MSRP in photo stores.
New Tilt Head L-20S
Taking one of SIRUI’s most popular heads, the L-10, the new L-20S brings significant updates making it especially useful to panoramic imaging. The new Panoramic Base has 5-degree markings, making the new head ideal for shooting panoramic images in the portrait format, allowing more of the scene to be captured and stitched. The overall construction has been strengthened to ensure the rigidity needed for this kind of photography.
The tilt head L-20S is available immediately at £199.99 MSRP in photo stores.