[Photo credit: © Steph Gibson/The Kennel Club]

This year’s Dog Photographer of the Year categories are: Portrait, Dogs at Play, Dogs at Work, Man’s Best Friend, Puppies,  ‘I Love Dogs Because …’ (for entrants 18 and under), Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities, and ‘Oldies’ – a new category for 2015.

Winners of the free-to-enter contest will see their images displayed at the Kennel Club in Mayfair. They will also win a photography course with professional dog photographer Andy Biggar, and a SmugMug account.

Dog Photographer of the Year curator said: ‘The Dog Photographer of the Year competition is the largest competition in the world solely dedicated to dog photography.

‘We are looking for memorable and charismatic images from photographers who can capture those wonderful moments that reflect our contemporary experience living with dogs as best friends, family members, working partners and assistance providers.’

Last year’s contest drew a record-breaking 13,000 entries. It was won by Steph Gibson from Australia, for an image of her dog Swing, working with sheep on her farm (above).

Winner. First place in the I love my Dog because.. Catagory (Und[Photo credit: © Abbie Lee/The Kennel Club]

Hudson added: ‘We urge both professional photographers and amateurs who have a keen eye and a passion for photography, to enter.

‘We have had numerous amateur photographers win various categories including the overall competition, some going on to make a professional career from the exposure of winning Dog Photographer of the Year.’

The closing date is 13 March 2016.

To register and to read the rules visit www.dogphotographeroftheyear.org.uk