This time it’s a Japanese macaque playing with a smartphone in a thermal pool in Japan causing a stir, rather than a crested black macaque triggering a global copyright storm over a controversial selfie taken in an Indonesian jungle.

The photo, captured by Suzie Tanser, was among the winners of a wildlife competition run by Marwell Zoo in Hampshire.

The picture, entitled ‘Making a call’, triumphed in the Cute and Funny category.

Suzie, from Winchester, said: ‘A group of tourists had just arrived and were gathered around the main pool when suddenly a cry was heard.

‘I am not sure how he got hold of it, but one of the macaques was brandishing an iPhone.

‘He initially played with it but then seemed to take a closer look– not sure if he was checking his Facebook, taking a selfie or admiring his reflection.’

The overall winner was an image of a leopard cub by George Wheelhouse who lives in Bedfordshire. It was taken at Marwell Zoo.

George Wheelhouse

George Wheelhouse