Photographers out and about this spring may benefit from a product designed to treat hayfever that has been invented by an AP reader.

Described as a ?natural, drug-free pollen barrier?, HayMax is a balm made from beeswax, an essential oil and sunflower oil.

The product?s inventor, AP reader Max Wiseberg, claims that HayMax is a simple-to-use pollen barrier that can help prevent the sneezing and runny nose that plague hay fever sufferers when the pollen count rises.

Wiseberg explained that the treatment is applied by wiping a small amount on the bottom of each nostril to ?enhance the filtration effect of the nasal tract?.

A pot of HayMax normally costs £6.95 plus 50p p&p. During May there is a three-for-the-price-of-two offer (£14.40 including delivery charge) and £1 off single pots.

For details and to order call 01525 406600 or see