Samsung is planning to incorporate part of its camera line-up into the list of products supported by its new Apps Store. The store already provides mini applications that can be downloaded to and run on Samsung mobile phones, but in Spring it will also be linked to internet enabled Samsung TVs so that widgets and applications can be loaded to create additional content on screen.

Mini applications have been massively successful for Apple?s iPhone and iPod Touch products, adding a huge amount of extra functionality to the basic product. As with Apple, Samsung provides a developer kit that will allow users to create their own programs via an open platform. It is not clear yet when cameras will be included in the line-up of products compatible with the Apps Store, or even what kind of Apps Samsung expects to become available. Apple?s iTunes store currently has over 100,000 applications available, hundreds of which are designed to improve or enhance the camera functions of the iPhone and to provide on the spot information to photographers. Not all are as useful as others.

It is likely that camera applications could include in-camera technique tips, automated post capture manipulations, travel information, weather forecasting and access points for direct upload to sharing or personal websites.

To accept applications a camera would need to be connected somehow to the Internet, either wirelessly via Wi-Fi or through a cabled connection. Samsung currently has two Wi-Fi enabled compact cameras, but when asked about the prospect of the NX series including Wi-Fi Vice President of digital imaging, SS Park, said that the market is not ready for it.