The BBC will tonight screen the first in a ten-part series of programmes dedicated to the pioneering work of Victorian photographer Francis Frith.

Britain?s First Photo Album will showcase dozens of images captured by Frith during his 19th century project to photograph the UK.

Each 30-minute episode will be presented by John Sergeant, who will aim to follow in Frith?s footsteps ? addressing the significance of each image and taking photos himself.

BBC Daytime controller Liam Keelan said: ?This is the first time Frith?s collection has been brought together in one series, and so Britain?s First Photo Album will offer viewers a look back on this astonishing visual record of our nation: at what has changed; at what remains the same, and ultimately, what it tells us about who we are today.?

Britain?s First Photo Album starts at 6.30pm on BBC Two.

It will run on weekdays for the next fortnight.

A free booklet, exploring some of the themes around the series, will be available for download at