The project, designed for Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobiles, has so far raised more than $140,000 in backing from over 1,000 people on Kickstarter.

Two years ago, Beastgrip launched its first Kickstarter project, for a universal lens adapter for smartphones.

Developers have since set about redesigning the gear.

‘Along with Beastgrip Pro, we are proud to introduce our Beastgrip conversion lenses and Depth of Field (DOF) adapter, for use with SLR lenses.’

They claim: ‘With Beastgrip Pro, Beastgrip conversion lenses and our DOF adapter you can go from a basic tripod mount to a full-featured, professional set-up in no time flat.

‘Its modular design supports anything from popular add-on lenses to external mics and flash systems – so no matter what the project you’ll be good to go.

‘From vacation videos to feature-length films, Beastgrip Pro is the last smartphone camera rig you’ll ever buy.’

The kit is expected to be ready by August.

For full details visit the Kickstarter project page.