A bishop was stopped and questioned by security officers while he was being photographed in Corby town centre in Northamptonshire without seeking prior permission.

We understand that the incident occurred while the Right Reverend Frank White, who is the Bishop of Brixworth, was being shown around Corby?s new buildings by a member of the local council on 8 March.

Jim Wade, the photography enthusiast who was taking pictures for inclusion in a ?diocesan newsletter?, told us: ?The guard asked the bishop: ?Who are you?? His reply: ?I am the Bishop of Brixworth? was met with an unbelieving glare.?

The guard added: ?You are not allowed to be here without permission. This town centre is private land and pictures cannot be taken.?

The bishop was then escorted to an office ?for vetting,? by ?senior security staff??, said Wade who joined the party.

Land Securities – the company that owns the shopping area and 29 others nationwide – admitted that the security officer may have been a ?bit overzealous? and has pledged to investigate the incident.

Expressing apologies to the bishop a spokeswoman told us: ?We are not trying to be unhelpful? Normally we would give permission.? She added that it is not the company?s policy to stop people taking photographs.

She said that photographers should seek permission before visiting its shopping areas, for ?health and safety? reasons.

She explained that prior notice allows staff to know who will be visiting and what equipment they will be carrying with them, so that they don?t cause any undue obstructions. ?Should there be a fire, we are responsible,? she told us.

Picture credit: Jim Wade