This is the first time that Boots has stocked medium-format film in at least 10 years.

Boots had added three new Ilford Photo b&w film products to more than 450 of its larger stores nationwide: FP4 Plus (36 exposure); HP5 Plus (120 rollfilm) and HP5 Plus Single Use Camera.

The chain already stocks HP5 Plus and XP2 Super (in 36-exposure formats).

Boots buying manager Amie Klapsia said: ‘Film has always been an important part of the photography range at Boots.

‘As we head into summer it will continue to be so, as we have chosen to broaden our selection.

‘We have seen increasing demand for black & white film and the range we have will help photographers of all abilities take stunning photos.’

Boots logoGrowing demand for b&w film was revealed in a survey carried out by Ilford Photo last year.

Ilford Photo brand owner Harman Technology Ltd said in a statement: ‘This has not gone unnoticed by the management at Boots who have continued to strategically stock a range of film when other specialist high-street photo shops have either reduced stock in favour of digital products – or the businesses have closed completely – leaving customers with nowhere to go locally.’

Harman’s sales and marketing director Steven Brierley said: ‘We are delighted that Boots has strengthened its commitment to film-based photography.

‘This step makes a wider selection of Ilford films readily available in over 450 towns and cities throughout the UK.’

Boots’ Amie Klapsia added: ‘Helping customers create something wonderful with their photos is important to us, whether it be with a frame, photo book or other personalised accessory.

‘However, ensuring our customers have the best products to capture memories with is equally important.

‘Getting the right film is the first step in taking a beautiful photo, which is precisely why we feel passionately about having a brilliant range of film at Boots.’

Harman added: ‘Boots has recognised that there is now a gap in the market and an opportunity to support the increasing number of their customers who are asking for black & white film products.’

In 2012, Boots did not rule out that it may be forced to close its entire fleet of 520 traditional film-processing labs, putting hundreds of jobs at risk.

At the time, 160 in-store labs were set to be scrapped, affecting 200 jobs.