The personal details of a number of photographers are included on a list of thousands of British National Party (BNP) members which has been leaked on the internet.

The leaked details of more than 10,000 BNP members include full postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

On its website, the BNP states that the original blog, where the list appeared, has now been removed, adding that it contained an ‘outdated list’ of BNP members.

Ex-military personnel, serving soldiers, teachers and a former anti-terrorism branch policeman are also named.

One person is described as a ?security consultant? and another, as a ?private investigator?.

The hobbies of many of the BNP members are also listed.

It is reported that the BNP is set to take legal action over the security infringement, after the membership list was apparently published in breach of a court injunction.

The party claims that ‘previous employees’ were responsible for the ‘theft and illegal use of the list’, which infringed privacy regulations.