BP has revealed before-and-after images which show how one of its photographers used Photoshop cut-and-paste to alter pictures of staff monitoring the oil spill.

In an apparent bid to show its transparency, BP has posted the before-and-after images on Flickr, though it has removed the pictures from the bp.com website where they originally appeared.

In one of the images, a contract photographer for the beleaguered oil giant used Photoshop to make it appear that staff at the BP command centre were analysing underwater activity on a series of monitors in front of them.

However, in the original untouched image at least three of the screens appear not to show anything at all.

BP admitted that the photographer used cut-and-paste for the image which it posted on bp.com – showing all the monitors were functioning.

In another picture the photographer used Photoshop to improve the visibility of a projection screen by altering the image?s colour saturation.

In a statement BP said it has ‘instructed the photographer who created the images to refrain from cutting-and-pasting in the future and to adhere to standard photo journalistic best practices’.

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