Subscribers to Adobe’s Creative Cloud should have received an email last week, notifying them of a rising cost in their monthly payments. The increase in price of Adobe products and services will come into effect on 6th March, bringing the price of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan – which includes Photoshop and Lightroom – up to £10.42 per month including VAT.

Writing of the price change, Adobe said: “As part of doing business globally, Adobe monitors currency exchange rates in order to make adjustments to our pricing up or down as needed. You may be aware that currency exchange rates have fluctuated significantly over the last few years. As a result of recent changes in exchange rates in your region, the price of Adobe products and services is increasing.” The past several months have proved a time of considerable economic uncertainty for the UK, particularly in the aftermath of the EU referendum in June. With investors’ confidence in the technology sector shaken and the pound taking a downturn, almost all tech company stocks took a hit, including giants like Microsoft and Apple – with subsequent product price rises for UK customers.

While Adobe’s price-hike will come into affect on 6th March this year, it is important to note that existing users won’t be affected during their current subscription term – it’s only at the time of renewal that their price will increase. Adobe have told their current subscribers that they’ll be sending through a second reminder email with their new renewal price as each customer’s renewal date gets closer.

While some users will see an increase of just under £1 a month, users who signed up to the special offer launched in June last year, will see an substantial increase from £6 a month to over £10 when their current subscription term renews.