Picture credits: Craig Easton, tpoty.com

Easton, the first Briton to win the award since 2007, triumphed with a portfolio that included a series of images shot in Paris, France.

NEWS UPDATE 18 December: TPOTY moves to clarify stance  

NEWS UPDATE: TPOTY judges look to tighten rules after bias claim

His prizes included £2,500 cash and an expenses-paid photography commission from sponsor, Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky, as winner of the Cutty Sark Award.

Easton said he captured his winning photos using a Nikon D3X, and described the award as a ‘great honour’.

He told Amateur Photographer: ‘To have my photography selected as the overall winner from the highest quality international competition is an immense thrill.’

Meanwhile, fifteen-year-old Samuel Fisch from the USA won the Young Travel Photographer of the Year title.

Competition judges included renowned photographers Eamonn McCabe and Steve Bloom.

The contest pulled in entries from amateur and professional photographers worldwide.

A gallery of winning images can be viewed HERE