An explicit nude photo on show at the National Portrait Gallery has attracted just one complaint from over 15,000 visitors in the past three weeks ? and only then for disappointing ‘composition?.

Earlier this month, National Portrait Gallery bosses decided parents and teachers should decide whether children view ‘Portrait of my British wife’ by Greek photographer Panayiotis Lamprou.

The image, a cropped version of which is pictured here, won second place in this year’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize.

?We?ve only had one visitor comment about Portrait of my British Wife so far and we?ve had nearly 15,000 visitors to the exhibition to date,? a National Portrait Gallery spokeswoman told Amateur Photographer today.

She added: ?The person in question didn?t like the composition of the portrait and wasn?t complaining about the nudity per se.?

The photographer said that when he captured the shot he had not intended for it to go on public display.

A sign at the entrance to the exhibition indicates that there is nudity on show so that families and school groups can make their own decision about viewing.


Porn or Art?