Nearly one in three Britons owns an SLR camera, if the results of a new survey are to be believed.

A YouGov poll of 2,245 adults found that 28% had an SLR, with ownership higher among ?more senior age groups?.

The survey – conducted in April for online photo agency Polylooks ? also reported that 9% of consumers have considered converting their passion for photography into a career.

And a similar number considered submitting images to microstock websites.

Despite a rise in the quality of cameras on mobile phones, only 21% of those surveyed believed their camera phone met their photographic needs.

However, the survey also echoed findings elsewhere that fewer people are printing their images than in the days of film.

Only a quarter still print images to keep in albums, while 34% use social networking websites to share their photos.

Norbert Weber, head of Polylooks, said: ?The British passion for photography remains as strong as ever.

?While many of us now have a decent camera as part of our mobile phone, our study shows that not only do most British consumers prefer to use a high quality camera for personal photography, but that a comparatively large number would like the option to make money from their images.?