Commenting on the figures, which were drawn from a survey of 2,000 pet owners nationwide, NOAH said owners are more likely to take photos of their pets than their partner or children.

The body, which represents the UK’s animal medicine industry, now wants to create the ‘biggest ever gallery of happy, healthy pets’.

‘The research found the average owner takes 260 pictures of their pet every year,’ said a spokesman.

‘And with more then 13 million pet-owning households in the UK, this adds up to a vast national “pet photo album” of billions of treasured pictures.’

NOAH is set to launch a competition with prizes up grabs for those submitting entries that will be used to create a giant gallery.

More than half of those surveyed (59.1%) said they take as many as 520 photos per year, while 52.5% share their pet images on social media.

Meanwhile, NOAH has drawn up some tips on pet photography by teaming up with wildlife photographer Victoria Hillman, as outlined below:

1. Get on their level

A great portrait always focuses on the subject’s eyes, so get down to eye level with your pet!

2. Patience is a virtue

Remember, this is a fun activity. Keeping your pet relaxed and in a natural environment can lead to capturing their best (and funniest!) qualities

3. Turn on the light

Good lighting is key, but avoid using flash! Your pet’s eyes are more sensitive than ours and you don’t want to startle them

4. Play to their strengths 

You know your pet better than anyone else: their quirks, likes and dislikes. Use this intel to get a unique shot that shows off your special bond

5. Get colourful 

Pics in colour can capture bright green eyes or a little pink nose – just make sure that background colours aren’t distracting and allow your pet to stand out

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