Administrators for Digital Depot say they have been ?inundated with calls? from potential buyers.

The Hertfordshire retailer, which prides itself on being the ‘first dedicated digital camera store in Europe’, continues to trade after calling in administrators on Monday.

?We have had lots of people expressing an interest,? said Mark West, a senior manager at accountancy firm, Berley, the appointed administrators.

They hope to find a suitable buyer to rescue the business and enable it to continue trading as Digital Depot.

West said the firm is a ?ring-fenced, asset-rich business?, but he refused to tell us how much the company owes its creditors.

He said the company had not been adversely affected by factors such as market forces, competition or bad debts but that rental issues had affected cash flow.

West praised Digital Depot’s directors for calling in administrators before the situation worsened.

However, he admitted that it could be bad news for customers who ordered products before the firm called in administrators on 29 September.

?There are people who have lost money but fortunately many people pay by credit card these days and can get their money back from credit card companies,? he told us.

It is not certain if those paying by cash, debit card or cheque will be so lucky, though they will be entitled to some compensation if administrators manage to ?save the core business?.

West added: ?Orders made since we [the administrators] have been in office will be honoured and the goods supplied.?

It has emerged that the company ran into financial difficulty because it had to pay rent on premises no longer used by the company.

West said the firm had been forced to relocate to its current base because the local council was planning to ?redevelop? the firm?s previous trading address. But, he added, Digital Depot has yet to receive compensation from the council for this.

?Effectively it?s been paying a double whammy on overheads for the past one-and-a-half to two years.

?It?s a good strong, sound, business and it is this exceptional issue which has created this cash blip,? added West.

Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Digital Depot is the trading name of Cherwoods Limited.