‘We have an extensive inventory of photographic – equipment – cameras, digital equipment, lighting and studio products,’ said Simon Browitt, head of Calumet Rental in London.

Calumet says more photographers are choosing to rent, so they can access new technology without having to buy new gear.

Browitt advises photographers ‘test drive the latest equipment before investing’.

He added: ‘It doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy, say, a tilt-and-shift lens costing £1,866 if you only need it once a quarter.

‘It’s far more cost effective to rent it for £36 (plus damage waiver and VAT) a day from us.’

It costs £162 per day (including VAT) to hire a Canon EOS-1D X body, for example.

Calumet runs a next day delivery service. It also operates a courier service, based in London and Manchester.

For full details visit www.calumetrental.co.uk